AstroMed DASH-16U 16 Channel Chart Recorder

AstroMed DASH-16U 16 Channel Chart Recorder
Manufacturer: Astromed
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AstroMed DASH-16U 16 Channel Chart Recorder


AstroMed DASH-16U 16 Channel Chart Recorder

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 The Astromed Dash-16U combines a rack of instrumentation into one portable, rugged unit. The Dash-16U provides the functionality of a universal signal conditioning system, a real-time digital signal processing system, a data acquisition system, a chart recorder, an FFT analyzer and a data reviewing station. From monitoring temperature, pressure and torque in a vehicle to monitoring strain and pressure in a Research and Development application, the Dash-16U can do the job. And because each channel can be independently configured, the Dash-16U is the only piece of test equipment you will ever need. Because the Dash-16U can handle all of your input needs with no external signal conditioning, it is ideally suited for applications where portability is a must and space is at a premium.


  • Universal Inputs
  • Direct thermal printer
  • 10.4 Inch Color Monitor for real-time viewing and playback
  • Internal 4GB hard drive and 100MB Zip drive standard
  • Isolated, single-ended Voltage Measurements: Ideal for a wide variety of voltage measurements, the input is designed for voltages between 400mV and 40V full scale.
  • Differential voltage Measurements: The isolated, differential input module accepts inputs from 5mV to 500mV full scale.
  • Thermocouple Measurements: The Thermocouple Input supports Type J, K, E and T thermocouples and has a 10Hz bandwidth.
  • DC Bridge: perfect for a wide variety of load cells and pressure transducers, the DC Bridge Input offers an isolated 10V excitation source at up to 30 mA.
Big Color Monitor

  The Dash-16U series recorders feature a built-in, 10.4-inch color monitor that adds another dimension to chart recording. Signals may be displayed in real time on the monitor, saving chart paper during recorder setup. And to make data even easier to interpret, the Dash-16U allows you to make each channel a different color.

Versatile Inputs

  There are two powerful models to choose from. The Dash-16U offers isolated inputs up to 250 VRMS, build-in offset adjustment and an almost unlimited number of full scale selections, giving you the versatility you need for almost any voltage recording. The Dash-16U has flexible universal inputs making your connection even easier. From single ended and differential voltage to thermocouple (J, K,E, T) and DC bridge inputs, the Dash-16U allows you to connect almost any signal without external conditioning. The Dash8u also supports optional input modules for RTD, isolated high voltage and frequency to voltage.

Chart Printing

   With all the powerful data capture and display features of the Dash-16U 8 series, it's easy to forget about the integral chart recorder. The high resolution, 8.5 inch chart give you real-time recording at the push of a button. Chart speeds are front panel selectable from 1mm per hour to100mm per sec. And channels can be displayed in any format, from individual to overlap to completely custom.

Frequency response

   With 16-bit A/D converters sampling at 20,000 samples per second for each channel, the Dash 8 series gives you the frequency response you need to record all your data. Signals up to 2 kHz may be displayed, printed and stored to memory.