Anritsu MT8852A Bluetooth Test Set

Anritsu MT8852A Bluetooth Test Set
Manufacturer: Anritsu
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Anritsu MT8852A Bluetooth Test Set


Anritsu MT8852A Bluetooth Test Set

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   The Anritsu MT8852A Bluetooth Test Set With Audio offers all of the radio layer measurement capability of the MT8850A Bluetooth Test Set and adds support for audio measurements. The new audio measurement capability is fully compliant with the functionality defined in the Bluetooth audio specification. The MT8852A supports all three codec air interfaces (µ-law, A-law and CVSD) on up to three SCO audio channels.  It offers the most comprehensive testing facilities of any Bluetooth wireless technology enabled test set, including EDR transmitter testing.  Rear-panel jack-plug connectors provide analog inputs and outputs for all three audio channels.  MT8852A is ideal for design proving and production test of Bluetooth wireless technology enabled headsets, telephony products, audio gateways and audio-visual products.

  • New EDR transmitter measurement option
  • Audio testing capability. 3 SCO channels with CVSD, u-Law and A-Law air interface.
  • Tests RF performance of Bluetooth wireless technology enabled modules in under 5 seconds
  • Measurements performed as defined in the Bluetooth RF Test Specification
  • Internal reference Bluetooth radio meets test specification Dirty Transmitter and frequency accuracy requirements
  • Tests through antenna interface or cable connection
  • Easy operation: one touch testing with RUN key
  • Pre-programmed or user-defined test scripts
  • BlueSuite software provides graphical traces of modulation, power ramp, individual channel measurements, and receiver sensitivity search
  • BlueTest software for automated high volume production line testing
  • Adaptive Frequency Hopping software option for Bluetooth 1.2 device testing

   Anritsu have developed the MT8852A, a Bluetooth Test Set to test Bluetooth modules and Bluetooth products - quickly and at low cost. Anritsu has a century of experience in RF technology, and today has a reputation for developing solutions to test the newest wired and wireless technologies. Our test and measurement products are used by customers in over 100 countries worldwide, and our experience in the measurement business is second-to-none.

   The Anritsu MT8852A features three test modes

  • Standard mode in which the MT8850A/MT8852A uses full Test Mode signaling and all the defined test controls to test the EUT in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

  • Single payload mode in which Test Mode signalling is performed in a very restricted manner. The customer can define the packet length, packet payload, select loopback or TX mode and hopping on or off.

  • Null packet mode enables measurements to be made on EUTs that do not have test mode support, by performing a limited subset of measurements on packets without payloads. None of these measurements are performed in accordance with the Bluetooth test specifications.