Anritsu MS9710B Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Anritsu MS9710B Optical Spectrum Analyzer
Manufacturer: Anritsu
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Anritsu MS9710B Optical Spectrum Analyzer

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The MS9710B is a diffraction-grating spectrum analyzer for analyzing optical spectra in the 600 to 1750 nm wavelength band. In addition to uses such as measurement of LD and LED spectra, it has functions for measuring the transmission characteristics of passive elements such as optical isolators, as well as the NF/Gain of optical fiber systems. In addition to its basic features, the superior stability and reliability of the diffraction grating (patent pending) easily pass the severe specifications required for precise measurement of WDM communications methods, particularly in the 1.55 µm band. This analyzer has the dynamic range, reception sensitivity, and sweep speed requested by users, backed by Anritsu's high-level technology. The high sensitivity meets the exacting demands placed on today's measuring instruments. In particular, the MS9710B's excellent wavelength and level specifications fully meet the dense WDM requirements in the 1.55 µm band. In addition to having a much wider dynamic range, its compact portability (approx. 50% lighter) eliminates the large cumbersome image of earlier analyzers by perfectly combining portability with high performance. In addition to the high reliability and excellent basic performance, this analyzer has a full range of application functions to support accurate measurement in the fastest possible time. The MS9710B includes the Wavelength Reference Light Source option.


  • 70 dB dynamic range
  • -90 dBm guaranteed optical reception sensitivity
  • Internal 3.5 inch Floppy Disk Drive (Windows®)
  • Tracking with tunable laser source
  • Optical pulse measurement
  • Full range of WDM application functions

  The measurement dynamic range of the MS9710B in the normal measurement mode at a wavelength 1 nm from the peak wavelength is 62 dB. In the high-dynamic range measurement mode, better than 70 dB can be achieved. The analyzer demonstrates its excellence in SMSR measurement of DFB-LDs, as well as in evaluation of narrow-band optical band pass filters.

  As a result of the need for increased transmission capacity, R&D into large-capacity transmission techniques is becoming more active and Wavelength Multiplexing (WDM) is at the stage of actual usage. This WDM transmission technology requires quantitative measurement of the wavelength transmission characteristics between each channel. Measuring instruments for this purpose require much more accurate wavelength and level measurement. Furthermore, accurate measurement of  fiber-amplifier NF requires extremely good polarized light dependency and level linearity specifications. The MS9710B design has achieved excellent wavelength and level specifications for this purpose in the 1.53 to 1.57 µm wavelength band. In particular, the wavelength accuracy can be calibrated automatically using an optional internal reference wavelength light source; the post-calibration accuracy is better than ±0.05 nm.