Anritsu MP1552B ATM PDH SDH Analyzer

Anritsu MP1552B ATM PDH SDH Analyzer
Manufacturer: Anritsu
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Anritsu MP1552B ATM PDH SDH Analyzer


Anritsu MP1552B ATM PDH SDH Analyzer

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with options

  • MP0121A 2/8/34/139/156M Unit
  • MP0112A Optical 156M/622M (1.5) Unit

The MP1552B is a portable analyzer designed specifically for troubleshooting the construction and maintenance of SDH, PDH, and ATM networks, as well as for evaluating equipment for these networks. Various systems can be configured using plug-in units, according to the application. The MP1552B has two basic slots and three application slots. CEPT, North American, and Japanese systems can be analyzed by installing interface units into the basic slots. In addition, when two interface units are installed at the same time, the analyzer can perform international mapping. ATM and Jitter/Wander tests can be performed by installing application plug-in units in the three other slots. The analyzer has a built-in printer and 3.5 inch floppy disk drive as standard. The measurement results can be printed out or the data can be saved directly to the FDD for reading with an external personal computer. Furthermore, the FDD can be used to upgrade the analyzer firmware, making compliance with the latest ITU-T specifications easy. The pop-up menus permit item selection at a glance, so even a novice can use the MP1552B immediately. In addition, the auto setup function enables automatic line mapping and easy line evaluation.


  • Printer - Internal, external
  • Internal memory - Measurement settings memory: 10, graphics memory: 15
  • Others FDD, RS-232C, GPIB, buzzer, clock


  • Bit rate- 2.048, 8.448, 34.368, 139.264 Mb/s
  • Level/waveform - Conforms to ITU-T G.703 (with 20 dB monitoring point)
  • Connectors - 2.048 Mb/s: HDB3 (balanced/unbalanced) 8.448, 34.368 Mb/s: HDB3 (unbalanced) 139.264 Mb/s: CMI (unbalanced)
  • Clock Internal - (accuracy: ±7 ppm, jitter unit not installed), external (ECL [AC] 50 Ω), received signal
  • Alarm addition - LOS, LOF, AIS, RDI, RDI (MF) Timing: All
  • LEDs - LOS, AIS, LOF, MF loss, RDI, RDI (MF), sync loss, errors
  • Monitor - Frame word
  • Trouble search - Auto search for errors/alarms in all measured channels
  • Delay measurement - 0 to 1 s
  • Auxiliary interface - Clock sync output, frame sync output, error output