Anritsu ML2407A Power Meter

Anritsu ML2407A Power Meter
Manufacturer: Anritsu
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Anritsu ML2407A Power Meter


Anritsu ML2407A Power Meter

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   This product family includes the ML2407A and ML2408A power meters, which were designed to measure the peak and average power of an IS-95 CDMA signal. ML2407A and ML2408A have a wider bandwidth (1.4MHz) than the ML2437A/38A power meters and have been designed for a standard 1.2288 Mc/s IS-95 signal channel. The MA2468B and MA2469C sensors have been specifically designed to go with ML2407A and ML2408A for this IS-95 application. ML2407A has one input, and ML2408A has two inputs.

Speed and dynamic range

   The 90 dB range MA2470A Series Power Sensors' high sensitivity reaches stable power readings to -70 dBm. 35 kHz sample rates profile cellular, PCS and other pulsed signals to 0.1 msec resolution. Modern connector technology achieves industry leading return loss for improved accuracy through 50 GHz. The 87 dB range MA2440A Series High Accuracy Sensors further improve return loss performance by adding a matching circuit to the MA2470A Series' front end.

Fast thermal sensors

   Anritsu's latest semiconductor processing technology produces thermal power sensors with speed increased by an order of magnitude. Improvements in connector technology reduce measurement mismatch uncertainty through 50 GHz to levels previously attained only to 20 GHz.

GPIB speed

   Industry leading speed is achieved under a variety of operating conditions including averaging settings, sensor control settings, triggering conditions, operating mode, sensor type, and GPIB interface manufacturer. The ML2430A series offers the ability to measure and transfer a high speed burst of 200 data points using profile operating mode with sampling rates of 35k per second.

GPIB emulation

  With 99.9% emulation of older meters, the ML2400A series improves ATE system productivity. Typical test system speed improvement is 2 to 10 times faster system speed depending upon the number of measurements taken during the test, the minimal use of wait statements within the code, and the meter model emulated.

Triggering controls

   What use is high speed without triggering and sample controls? Data acquisition event arming and triggering functions traditionally found on expensive peak power meters are standard in the ML2430A series. Triggering delay and the sample integration time per reading can be directly controlled by the operator. Trigger sources include, continuous, internal, external TTL, and manual. Thus, data acquisition can be optimally controlled for synchronization with other test equipment.

Burst profile graphics display

   The ML2430A features random repetitive sampling for high resolu-tion of fast signals. A time domain graphic display profiles pulsed sig-nals over a power range of -40 dBm to +20 dBm. 35 kHz sampling speed produces clear power profiles of cellular and PCS signals including TDMA, PHS, GSM, and DCS-1800. Pulse top power is easily and repeatably measured using between cursor averaging. Measure pulse-top power over >80 dB dynamic range in readout mode at GPIB speeds >200 readings per second.