Ancot Ultra2080 SCSI Bus Analyzer

Ancot Ultra2080 SCSI Bus Analyzer
Manufacturer: Ancot
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Ancot Ultra2080 SCSI Bus Analyzer


Ancot Ultra2080 SCSI Bus Analyzer

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   The Ancot Ultra2080 is the premier tool for debugging and optimizing SCSI devices and systems. Built on the success of the industry-leading Ancot Ultra2000, the Ultra2080 provides high performance, hardware-based trace capture, filtering and triggering capabilities.

  • Full Support up to SCSI-3 Ultra2
  • Rugged Brushed-Aluminum Briefcase Package
  • 80MB/s Transfer Rate
  • LVD, HVD and SE Interfaces
  • Time Resolution of 4 Nanoseconds
  • Supports both WIDE (16-bit) and NARROW (8-bit)

   With a timing resolution of 4 ns, the Ultra2080 is fully capable of capturing and displaying all SCSI bus activity at Ultra2 speeds of 80 MB/s. Large trace memory, 10/100 Mb Ethernet data transfer, internal hard drive, and a simple pull-down menu interface combine to make the Ultra2080 the new industry standard for high-performance SCSI analyzers.

   Ancot's Ultra2080 SCSI Bus Analyzer provides a powerful tool for developing, debugging and optimizing SCSI systems and devices. By capturing and displaying SCSI traffic, including all commands and data, the Ultra2080 shows the user a complete and easy-to-understand picture of SCSI bus activity.

   The Ultra2080 is an essential tool for developing device drivers and firmware for SCSI devices and host bus adapters. By providing a direct view of bus activity, the Ultra2080 enables engineers to quickly locate sources of problems and ensure complieance with all specifications.

   The Ultra2080 is also an aid to system integrators, to ensure quick identification of problems and to help optimize performance of SCSI devices in Heavily-loaded and high data rate environments. The Ultra2080 is the simplest and easiest way to identify the source of bus hangs, device errors, timing mismatches and a host of other potential problems.