Ameritec AM48XT Transmission Impairment Test Set

Ameritec AM48XT Transmission Impairment Test Set
Manufacturer: Ameritec
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Ameritec AM48XT Transmission Impairment Test Set


Ameritec AM48XT Transmission Impairment Test Set

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   The Ameritec Model AM48XT is a compact, user-friendly, yet powerful hand-held analog transmission test set. Weighing less than 2 lbs., it can easily be transported in a briefcase or slide into a tool kit. It is powered by four AA batteries, an accessory 110 VAC adapter/recharger or four AA rechargeable NiCad batteries. The unit is designed for field testing and measurement of voice and data for 2 or 4 wire telecommunications transmission circuits. This unit is a full function signal generator able to generate all of the test tones and waveforms needed to perform a variety of standard measurements. It is a telephone set with built-in dial, talk and listen capability with a selection of 600 ohm or 900 ohm termination impedance. This unit fully complies with Bell Standard 41009.

What Does It Do?

    The Ameritec Model AM48XT can do a variety of measurements. With its built-in dial capability on dial-up networks it can access a distant responder or a second AM48XT for centralized 2-wire testing. You can use a single unit with an Ameritec responder for centralized loop back testing. Or, use two sets for a complete end-to-end test of 4-wire data lines. I  n addition, the AM48XT now combined with the new AM440 Remote Test Partner¿ is able to further enhance your testing capabilities. A single technician can test a circuit with an AM48XT , AM440 and a multi-meter. The AM48XT can transmit to the AM440 and measure its signal and can take noise measurements. The combination of these two measuring instruments allows for DMM testing, including resistance testing and the measurements of both voltage and capacitance.

 How Does It Work?

   The user utilizes the color-coded controls and menu selection to select the desired measure mode and send mode. Measurements are captured and are automatically displayed. Immediate display indicates if the measurement is out of range over or under. What Can It Test?   A single unit with the capability to do the measurements of three separate instruments. Able to measure transmission circuits over the extended voice band 200 Hz to 20 kHz as follows:

  • dBm level or dB loss
  • Frequency
  • Frequency Response (Attenuation Distortion)
  • Noise
  • Noise with Tone
  • Signal/Noise Ratio
  • P/AR
  • 3 Level Impulse Noise
  • Phase and Gain Jitter
  • Hits and Dropouts

  In addition, it is equipped with a user-programmable, non-volatile memory contained within the unit. The ability to store up to ten operator-defined send/measure test configurations, as well as up to 10 operator-defined test tone frequencies. Easily obtained stored data retrieved by a single keystroke from the user.