Ameritec AM2-De E1 Bulk Call Generator

Ameritec AM2-De E1 Bulk Call Generator
Manufacturer: Ameritec
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Ameritec AM2-De E1 Bulk Call Generator
Ameritec AM2-De E1 Bulk Call Generator

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What Is It?

  The Ameritec AM2-De is a self-contained E1 (CAS) call generator. The AM2-De provides the interface for one to four 2.048 Mbps E1 (CAS) trunks. The AM2-De allows the user the ability to develop a test environment with low or high line counts and multiple interfaces. Niagara units are self-contained and portable, featuring a built-in user interface, but also allow the user to develop a test environment with the ability to test highly complex call scenarios, under the control of FeatureCall¿, Ameritec's Windows® based graphical user interface. Used alone it can simulate one to hundreds of telephony subscribers, and when grouped in a system, consisting of any Ameritec Niagara, Crescendo or Squirt, thousands of telephony subscribers can be simulated. Call Volume is 48,000 confirmed calls per hour (4 spans). Optional Voice Replay and Voice over Packet. The Niagara Family has the flexibility to suit development, production, quality assurance or regression test needs.

What Does It Do?

   The Ameritec AM2-De has the ability to simulate telephone subscribers¿.and lots of them. The unit was specifically designed to serve a wide range of telephony testing requirements, including both switch and network testing applications, in a captive lab or as a fully self-contained test tool. Ameritec's FeatureCall¿ GUI, can control up to 32 AM2 Niagara units via an Ethernet® TCIP/IP LAN or RS232 port. Through the use of user defined call scripts and line protocols, users can tailor test scenarios to meet a broad range of testing requirements.

What Can It Test?

   Applications that previously were too costly to test automatically can now be easily automated with the AM2 Niagara.

  • Central Office or PBX Switches and Network
  • Voice Over Packet Systems
  • Intelligent Network (IN) Applications
  • Voice Mail Systems
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) systems and applications
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) systems
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems
  • Paging Systems