Agilent/HP N3977A Optical Attenuator

Agilent/HP N3977A Optical Attenuator
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP N3977A Optical Attenuator


Agilent/HP N3977A Optical Attenuator

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  The Agilent/HP N3977A Automated Optical Attenuator can be used in manual, relative, step and program mode. Program mode provides memory for 15 different pre-sets for easy recall or use by unskilled personnel. To ensure ultimate linearity and accuracy over the full dynamic range, the unit is calibrated at every attenuation position in 0.05 dB increments. The Handheld Automated Optical Attenuator N3977A is a high-end, user-friendly precision instrument for field-testing of fiber optical systems featuring very high productivity, power handling of up to +23dBm, return loss of less than -40 dBm and low wavelength dependence.


  • robust,rugged construction
  • easy to learn and use
  • highly functional

   The Agilent/HP N3977A series new high-performance precision handhelds meet the specifications required to install, commission or maintain optical fiber networks. But, more importantly, they offer features that make a difference in how efficiently and effectively you take the necessary measurements:

  • Easy access to frequent functions, and a concealed keypad for more demanding applications.
  • Storing results for detailed, off-line examination.
  • Remote control for the optimal deployment of personnel.
  • Pre-programming different set ups.
  • Long battery life to minimize the disturbance to field trips.