Agilent/HP J6801A DNA Distributed Network Analyzer

Agilent/HP J6801A DNA Distributed Network Analyzer
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP J6801A DNA Distributed Network Analyzer


Agilent/HP J6801A DNA Distributed Network Analyzer

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  Uses additional LIM (Line Interface Modules) for test connections

   The Agilent/HP J6801A DNA hardware platform brings greater power for collecting and analyzing real-time data over multiple technologies such as Ethernet, ATM, POS, Frame Relay, IPv6, MPLS, VoIP, IPTV, HSDPA, HSUPA, UMTS, CDMA 2000, GPRS, etc. The scaleable DNA hardware platform provides the foundation of advanced protocol analysis architecture for fixed and mobile network application. Couple the hardware with the Network Analyzer software application and you have a powerful wireline solution for LAN and WAN networks; couple the DNA platform with the Triple Play Analyzer software for IPTV, VoD, VoIP QoE analysis. Similarly, use the hardware in conjunction with Signaling Analyzer software to create an advanced mobile network analysis solution for 2G, 2.5G and 3G technologies.

DNA Hardware Platform Acquisition System

DNAs accept any LAN or WAN LIMLIMs can be hot-swappedOperates on two ports per LIMOperates with the following link-layer technologies:
  • ATM
  • CiscoSLE
  • Ethernet
  • Frame Relay
  • LAPB
  • LAPD
  • Packet over SONET/SDH (IETF RFC 2615/1662, 1619/1662, Cisco HDLC)
  • PPP (RFC 1662, 1663)
Capture buffer:
  • Capture rate: Full line rate per port on any installed LIM up to half-duplex rates up to 1 Gb/s and full-duplex rates up to 2 Gb/s
  • Buffer memory size (used for user data and associated analyzer overhead):
  • user adjustable up to 512MB for J6801B DNA and J6803B DNA PRO and 256
MB for J6802B DNA MX, shared equally between both ports
  • Data time stamp resolution is 100 ns
Hardware real-time capture filters:
  • 100% line rate filtering
  • 32 filters
Auto-encapsulation discovery for LAN over WANReal time auto discovery and reassembly:
  • ATM cell VPI:VCI for AAL5 and AAL2 to OC-12/STM-4 Traffic Generation:
  • At 100% line rate for LAN and ATM (except for J6824A/J6828A)
  • Scenario replay for LAN

   The DNA consists of one acquisition system that supports any available LAN or WAN LIM, plus a built-in power supply. It has its own IP address and is controlled via TCP/IP over Ethernet from a standard PC running the Network Analyzer Software (included with the analyzer for use with the controlling PC), from Signaling Analyzer software, or directly from a DNA PRO or DNA MX. DNAs are used for remote and distributed troubleshooting and can be used in standalonemode connected to a PC, or daisy-chained together to create multi-port with time synchronization test systems. Distributed remote operation is possible, allowing one or more DNAs to be operated remotely over a LAN.


  • Built-in power supply for with AC or DC options
  • Rackmountable
  • Network Analyzer Software CD with a single-use license
  • Control: TCP/IP over 10/100Base-TX via RJ-45 Control & Sync In connector from:
  • Control & Sync Out connector of a DNA PRO, DNA MX or another DNA
  • A standard PC/laptop directly connected via Ethernet, or indirectly connected via a LAN or an Internet
  • Time Synchronization: