Agilent/HP J3759A DS3/E3 Cells and Frames Module

Agilent/HP J3759A DS3/E3 Cells and Frames Module
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP J3759A DS3/E3 Cells and Frames Module


Agilent/HP J3759A DS3/E3 Cells and Frames Module

For the Agilent/HP J2300x series Internet Advisors

   The Agilent/HP J3759A Internet Advisor WAN DS3/E3 Cells and Frames Module allows network managers and troubleshooters in complex WAN environments to quickly solve high-speed WAN access and internetworking problems. The module operates with HP Internet Advisor and provides multiple line interfaces to support monitoring and analysis of cellbased ATM network framed DS3/E3 interfaces, including frame relay and other HDLC-based networks. To help users quickly solve problems in frame- and cell-based networks, the module provides:

  • Full decode analysis of LAN encapsulation over WAN to view upper layer protocol problems
  • Traffic generation for testing network operation and connectivity
  • Clear channel, channelized DS3, and cell-based bit-error-rate testing (BERT) to confirm physical transport facilities operation ATM-cell or frame analysis capabilities are configured separately by software.

   Agilent/ HP J3760A ATM cell software configures the Cells and Frames Module to analyze ATM and provide complete cell analysis capabilities; Agilent/HP J3761A frame software configures the module to analyze frame relay or HDLC frames on channelized DS3 or un-channelized DS3 interfaces. The module operates with the following HP Internet Advisor platforms: HP J2300C Internet Advisor WAN, HP J2301B Internet Advisor WAN-T1, and Agilent/HP J2302B Internet Advisor WAN-E1. Every model of the HP Internet Advisor combines complete protocol analysis with a powerful and rugged personal computer . all in a lightweight, easy-to-carry package that offers the best combination of price and performance available in the internetwork test industry.


  • Frame relay traffic generation:
  • Table-based traffic generation with LMI emulation
  • User configurable frame patterns with assisted entry
  • Examine data:
  • Search for important events/strings
  • Use display filtering to show only the data of interest
  • Determine event-to-event timing
  • Easily show protocol errors
  • Print display or whole buffer/file when needed
  • Maintain statistics through logging buffer
  • BERT:
  • Clear channel BERT within DS3 and E3
  • Channelized DS1 BERT for DS3
  • ATM cell BERT for DS3 and E3