Agilent/HP J3307A Advisor Reporter Software

Agilent/HP J3307A Advisor Reporter Software
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP J3307A Advisor Reporter Software


Agilent/HP J3307A Advisor Reporter Software

Software add on for the Agilent Internet Advisor series

   A Complete Baselining and Benchmarking Tool

Add powerful reporting capabilities to your Agilent Advisor.

  • Agilent Advisor Reporter LAN/WAN/ATM automatically generates presentation-quality tables, charts, and reports on statistics collected on almost any network.
  • Useful for a wide variety of baselining and benchmarking tasks, Agilent Advisor Reporter will help you evaluate network operation, isolate traffic-related problems, evaluate the impact of hardware or software changes and plan for future growth. And because Advisor Reporter is integrated into the Microsoft Office environment, you can share and distribute reports saved in either Excel or Word for Windows formats.
   What makes Agilent Advisor Reporter the best baselining and benchmarking tool for you?

Ease of Use

  • Advisor Reporter comes with built-in AutoReport Profiles that make reporting as easy as 1, 2, 3. In minutes it creates data tables and charts in Microsoft Excel or builds a fully-formatted report in Microsoft Word, complete with a cover page, table of contents, inline statistics and glossary definitions for each measurement and a wide range of embedded charts.


  • Advisor Reporter does not sacrifice power for ease of use. It can work in either Automated Reporting or Custom Reporting mode. With Custom Reporting, you are prompted through all table, chart or report options, allowing you to maintain control over all aspects of the reporting process.


  • Agilent Advisor captures 100% of the data on most networks. Thus, the Advisor Reporter produces a more accurate representation of network traffic than other network reporting tools.