Agilent/HP J2298B T1 Interface Module

Agilent/HP J2298B T1 Interface Module
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent J2298B T1 Interface Module


Agilent/HP J2298B T1 Interface Module

Plug in module for the Agilent Internet Advisor series for T1/DS DS1 (1.544 Mb/s) J2298B

   This interface comprises a choice a plug-in module (J2298B) suitable for plugging into the J2300C/D Advisor mainframe and the J2900A High Speed undercradle. The J2298B has RJ-48C connectors. These modules handle cell and frame-based technologies, i.e. ATM, Frame Relay, ISDN, HDLC, X.25, PPP, and BERT. These interfaces do not support Frame Relay CIR and SLA measurements.

Common to Inputs and Outputs


  • J2298B: balanced 100 Ohm RJ-48C and WECO mini-Bantams
  • J2299B: balanced 100 Ohm RJ-45 and WECO mini-Bantams

Line Code:

  • ATM: B8ZS
  • WAN: B8ZS, AMI


  • ATM:
  • Extended Super Frame (ESF)
  • WAN:
  • Extended Super Frame (ESF)
  • D4 (Super Frame) Ft and Fs, or Fs only
  • Fractional, any multiple of 56 kbps or 64 kbps channels
  • Unframed 1.544 Mbps

Cell Mapping:

  • Direct (normal mode, ITU-T G.804) and PLCP (obsolete mode)

Cell Scrambling:

  • Conforms to ITU-T I.432.1 (x43 + 1) and may be turned on or off


  • DSX-1 (+6 dB to .10 dB ) and Network Interface (+6 dB to -36 dB )

Monitor modes:

  • Terminated (100 Ohm)
  • Bridged (High Impedance)
  • Monitor Jack