Agilent/HP J2296B E1/ISDN BNC Test Module

Agilent/HP J2296B E1/ISDN BNC Test Module
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP J2296C E1/ISDN Plug In


Agilent/HP J2296B E1/ISDN BNC Test Module

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For use with the J2300C/2300D/J2300E for measuring E1 (2.048 Mb/s)

   This interface comprises a plug-in module (J2296B) suitable for plugging into the J2300C/D Advisor mainframe and the J2900A High Speed undercradle. The J2296B has 75 Ohm BNC connectors. These modules handle cell and frame based technologies, i.e. ATM, Frame Relay, ISDN, HDLC, X.25, PPP, and BERT. These interfaces do not support Frame Relay CIR and SLA measurements.

  • Connectors: J2296B: unbalanced 75 Ohm BNC female
  • Line Code: ATM: HDB3, WAN: HDB3, AMI
  • Electrical: ITU-T G.703
  • Framing: ATM:
  • ITU-T G.704 alternate framing with or without CRC-4
  • ITU-T G.704 alternate framing with or without CRC-4
  • Fractional channel, any multiple of 64 kbps channel
  • Unframed at 2.048 Mbps
Cell Mapping
  • Direct (ITU-T G.804)
  • Cell Scrambling:
  • Conforms to ITU-T I.432.1 (x43 + 1) and may be turned on or off
  • Two ports
  • Levels: ITU-T G.703
Monitor Modes
  • Terminated, 75 Ohm unbalanced (J2296B)
  • Monitor Jack -20 dB and -30 dB
  • Physical Layer Alarms and Statistics: Loss of Signal (LOS), Loss of Frame (LOF), Alarm Indication Signal (AIS), Remote Alarm Indication (RAI)
  • Line code violations: CRC-4 errors (if CRC-4 is selected) Frame alignment error, Loss of Cell Delineation (LCD)
  • ATM Layer Statistics: Average utilization in percent, Instantaneous utilization in percent, Total cells received, Idle/unassigned cells received, Busy (assigned) cells received, Header (.HEC.) errors
  • Capture buffer size: 28 Mbyte (approximately 400,000 cells)
  • Capture buffer timestamp resolution: 100 ns
  • Capture rate: Full line rate