Agilent/HP E7495B Wireless Base Station Test Set

Agilent/HP E7495B Wireless Base Station Test Set
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP E7495B Wireless Base Station Test Set


Agilent/HP E7495B Wireless Base Station Test Set

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with options

  • 200   cdmaOne-cdma2000 analyzer
  • 210   cdmaOne-cdma2000 over air test
  • 600   Power meter
  • 800   Accessories - 100W 40dB attenuator, backpack, manual
  • 811   PCS Antenna and pre-selector filter
  • 820   External charger/battery pack/DC adapter

Base Station Maintenance with the E7495B

   The Agilent/HP E7495B base station test set is the most functional one-box tool for wireless and wireline test available today, eliminating the need for technicians to carry, manage, and learn multiple test tools. Consolidating your most frequently-used tools into one box dramatically increases your technicians' productivity. This helps reduce your asset costs, tracking costs, calibration and maintenance costs, and training costs associated with learning the specifics of separate instruments.

E7495B Standard features

  • Antenna tester (one port insertion loss, two port insertion loss, return loss, and distance to fault measurements)
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Internal GPS receiver
  • Accessories (cables, attenuators, opens, shorts, etc.)

  The Agilent/HP E7495B Base Station Test Set is designed to simplify the job of installing and maintaining base stations. By combining all important base station diagnostic tools in one rugged instrument, the E7495A/B lets you get your work done in the shortest time at each base station. You can store trace data from Return Loss and Distance to Fault measurements on a Windows XP PC for later analysis.

Basic test functionality includes

  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Two Port Insertion Loss
  • One Port Insertion Loss
  • Return Loss
  • Distance to Fault

You can optionally add these measurements:

  • Adjacent Channel Power
  • CDMA Over Air
  • CDMA Analyzer
  • WCDMA Analyzer
  • WCDMA Over Air
  • HSDPA for WCDMA Analyzer and WCDMA Over Air
  • 1xEV-DO Analyzer and 1xEVDO Over Air
  • GSM Analyzer
  • GSM/EDGE Analyzer
  • Channel Scanner
  • T1
  • E1
  • CW/cdmaOne/cdma2000/1xEV-DO Reverse Link Signal Generator
  • Power Meter
  • Test software and utilities