Agilent/HP E6380A CDMA Base Station Test Set

Agilent/HP E6380A CDMA Base Station Test Set
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP E6380A CDMA Base Station Test Set


Agilent/HP E6380A CDMA Base Station Test Set

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  • 200 CDMA/cdma2000 1x

Deploy and maintain networks faster with Agilent's Base Station Test Set

   When installation teams, service providers, and network equipment manufacturers require extensive analysis, consider our CDMA/cdma2000 1x Cellular and PCS base station test set (Agilent/HP 8935 Series E6380A), which is designed to reduce test time for base station installation and maintenance. Agilent's fast measurement speed coupled with our automated test software result in faster trouble shooting, less down time, and reduced maintenance costs. Predefined tests allow operations managers to standardize system maintenance and allow technicians of all levels to obtain consistent, accurate results with fewer test variability errors. Measurements can be captured to identify trends and proactive steps taken to avoid costly base station down time.

Technologies Supported

   The Agilent/HP E6380A supports cdma2000 and major CDMA networks


  • performs key RF, TX and RX measurements
  • NEW cdma2000 measurements illustrates noise levels, data and voice traffic to identify capacity issues
  • built-in average power meter with ±7.5% accuracy
  • waveform quality (rho), frequency error, code domain power, timing, and phase analysis
  • built-in AWGN source for calibrated E b /N o settings
  • network equipment manufacturer (NEM) specific automation software to increase measurement repeatability and enhance technician efficiency

  The Agilent Technologies 8935 Series E6380A AMPS/CDMA Cellular/PCS base station test set is the next generation in CDMA base station test equipment. The E6380A is a full featured, one-box test set designed to meet the needs of installation teams, service providers, and network equipment manufacturers. Building on the success of our third generation of base station test equipment, the new test set heavily incorporates feedback from PCS and Cellular users. For example, the E6380A utilizes a large, bright, easy-to read, electroluminescent display. A convenient connector section on the side of the test set allows unobtrusive, out-of-the-way hook up, as well as protects the connectors from damage. A suitcase form factor provides better portability.

   The new rugged design includes a reliable membrane keypad, a gasketed display, and filtered airflow to resist dirt and moisture. The units enclosure provides for stand up operation, and helps protect itself from bumps and shocks. More importantly, the E6380A incorporates a user-friendly interface with one-key measurement execution. This interface, coupled with test sets fast measurement speed and automated software for LGIC, Lucent, Nortel, and Samsung base stations, results in less off-line time and improved system performance. Errors due to test variability are reduced, and measurement data can be output to a printer or to the PCMCIA memory card. Additionally, new features and capabilities can be added to the E6380A without returning the unit to a service center.