Agilent/HP E5062A 3 GHz ENA-L VNA Network Analyzer

Agilent/HP E5062A 3 GHz ENA-L VNA Network Analyzer
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP E5062A 3 GHz ENA-L VNA Network Analyzer


Agilent/HP E5062A 3 GHz ENA-L VNA Network Analyzer

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   Providing the latest in modern technology and flexibility, the Agilent/HP ENA-L network analyzers provide basic vector network analysis in a wide range of industries and applications such as wireless communication, cable TV, automotive, education, and more. Designed to reduce tune and test times, these analyzers provide increased throughput to improve your measurement productivity. The ENA-L offers all of the critical performance and features needed in R&D, manufacturing, and service to test RF components such as: filters, amplifiers, antennas, cables, CATV taps, and distribution amplifiers. The affordably priced ENA-L, equipped with the core functions of the industry-standard ENA, includes many easy-to-use features and is optimized for efficient measurements and high reliability.


  • 300 kHz to 3 GHz
  • Integrated T/R or S-parameter test set
  • 50 or 75 ohm test port impedance
  • 120 dB dynamic range and 0.005 dB rms trace noise
  • Built-in Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA)

Fundamental performance with versatile general-purpose test capabilities

   The E5062A ENA-L, with its > 120 dB dynamic range and 0.005 dB rms trace noise, provides the accuracy and speed required for many network measurement applications. The wide 30 kHz IF bandwidth (IFBW) and powerful digital processing provide unprecedented measurement speed.

A variety of sweep functions for effective analysis

   Power sweep and three types of frequency functions provide effective analysis to suit your application needs such as:

  • Power sweep to analyze active devices such as amplifiers
  • Linear sweep to evaluate narrow-band devices such as filters
  • Log sweep to evaluate broadband devices such as cables
  • Segment sweep allows you to tailor the sweep condition with up to 201 sweep segments
Multi-channel measurement display capability speeds your component evaluation

   Display up to four traces per measurement channel and evaluate all four S-parameters of a two-port device at the same time. Each of the ENA-L¿s four measurement channels can have independent measurement settings such as frequency range, enabling you to compare traces with different measurement conditions. In total, the ENA-L allows you to display and analyze 16 traces simultaneously!

The standard just got better

   Agilent/HP 8712 and 8714 Series network analyzers have long been recognized as the standard low cost tools for a wide range of applications, providing reliable basic network measurements at an affordable price. ENA-L provides you with even greater value for your money offering the latest in modern technology and ease-of-use.

Protecting your software investment

   Agilent/HP protects your 8712 and 8714 software investment by providing migration tools2 to reduce your code and state files conversion effort.