Agilent/HP E2625A Infiniuum Telecom Mask Kit

Agilent/HP E2625A Infiniuum Telecom Mask Kit
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP E2625A Infiniuum Telecom Mask Kit


Agilent/HP E2625A Infiniuum Telecom Mask Kit

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   The Infiniium E2625A Communication Mask Test Kit builds on the Infiniium oscilloscopes' ease-of-use legacy by making communications conformance testing accessible with one mouse click. Infiniium's familiar Windows® XP Pro open operating system enables you to quickly and easily load mask templates to the oscilloscope application and configure mask testing. As an added feature, the Communication Mask Test Kit includes a set of electrical communication adapters to ensure convenient, reliable, and accurate connections to your device under test.


  • 43 industry-standard ANSI T1.102, ITU-T G.703, and IEEE 802.3 communication signal mask templates
  • Mask testing for positive and negative pulses
  • Electrical communication adapters optimized for use with the Agilent Infiniium AutoProbe Interface
  • FCC Part 68 Option A, B, and C masks for 'line build-out' testing of DS1/T1 signals
  • Automatic 'isolated ones' triggering for some pulse mask types
  • One-button alignment for best fit of mask templates to test waveforms for standard that allow scaling and/or offset
  • Automatic pass/fail comparison of mask templates to corresponding input waveforms
  • Failure highlighting for fast identification of mask failure areas
  • Flagging of out-of-specification waveform amplitudes for ANSI T1.102 masks
  • Mask failure waveform characterization with features such as color-graded persistence, histograms, drag and drop measurements and eye diagram measurements
  • Ability to load user-defined masks from ASCII text files
  • Screen annotation for complete documentation of measurements to electronic files or printers
  • Familiar Windows® graphical user interface
  • Built-in LAN interface for connecting your scope to PCs, network printers and other Infiniium oscilloscopes
  • Remote programmability of mask test features using GPIB commands for automated test applications

Easy Mask Setup

  The E2625A Communication Mask Template library comes on 1.44 MB floppy disks. If you have a recent Agilent Infiniium oscilloscope, you'll find that these mask templates are already preinstalled in C:\scope\masks\comms. Configuring a mask test is fast and easy. The mask test dialog box lets you select the oscilloscope channel and display masks contained in the mask template library. Once your test is configured, you can dismiss the dialog box to maximize waveform viewing area and control your test directly using pop-up menus. You'll see an on-screen indication of the current mask and its data rate.