Agilent/HP Advisor J2298D E1/T1 Module

Agilent/HP Advisor J2298D E1/T1 Module
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP Advisor J2298D E1/T1 Module


Agilent/HP Advisor J2298D E1/T1 Module
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   The Agilent/HP J2298D E1/T1Interface Module operates with the Agilent Advisor ATM/WAN. The interface supports E1 or T1 configurations, as well as full or fractional E1/T1 on both ATM and WAN.It is highly specialized for ATM and Frame Relay testing.It also handles technologies such as ATM DXI, X.25, HDLC, SDLC, Async PPP and PPP. This interface provides fully integrated monitoring and simulation solutions. The J2298D module has 4 Bantam connectors and two 8-pin connectors that can easily switch between RJ-48C and RJ-45 pin wiring.

For ATM, some of the major benefits of these interfaces are:
  • Capture and decoding for ATM, AAL-1, AAL-2, AAL-3/4, AAL-5 plus
    signaling and several hundred higher layer protocols
  • O.191 based ATM layer QoS measurements
  • Traffic contract conformance analysis (policing)
  • UNI signaling emulation for SVC set-up verification
  • Capture filtering includes filtering based on encapsulated IP addresses
  • Sophisticated display filtering and search capability on captured data
  • Statistics and logging of statistics to disc
  • Physical layer impairment statistics
For Frame Relay, some of the major benefits of these interfaces are:

Service Level Agreement testing

  • Helps to establish SLA Metrics
  • Ensures established QoS (SLA) levels
  • Helps to understand price/performance tradeoffs
  • Audits Serviceo Service Provisioning
  • End-to-End or Round Trip SLA measurements
CIR Measurements

   End Users and Service Providers can verify the appropriate traffic contracts in the networks allowing the best price/performance configuration of the network.

Frame Relay LMI Expert

   Not all users are experts in Frame Relay. This application detects network problems automatically giving a comprehensible analysis of the network conditions.

Ping Measurement

   Also a companion measurement for SLA testing

DLCI Statistics

   Analysis of all of the Frame Relay virtual connections. This new application supports the 1024 possible DLCIs in a Frame Relay Link. This allows the verification of network conditions of individual users in the Frame Relay link.

UNI and NNI emulation
  • User UNI
  • Network UNI
  • Bi-Directional NNI
  • Supported Stand Alone LMI Emulation
  • With Enhanced PING
  • With SLA
  • With Simulation Scripts
  • With Traffic Generation