Agilent/HP 8904A DC-600 KHz Multifunction Synthesizer Options 2/4

Agilent/HP 8904A DC-600 KHz Multifunction Synthesizer Options 2/4
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP 8904A DC-600 KHz Multifunction Synthesizer


Agilent/HP 8904A DC-600 KHz Multifunction Synthesizer

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with options

  • 002 Adds second internal synthesizer and output
  • 004 Move outputs to rear panel

   The Agilent/HP 8904A multifunction synthesizer generates accurate sinewaves from 0 Hz to 600 kHz with 0.1 Hz resolution. The 8904A also has five other standard functions: square, triangle, ramp, from 0 Hz to 50 kHz plus dc, and Gaussian white noise. All waveform values in the 8904A are digitally calculated in real time by Agilent Technologies' Digital Waveform Synthesis IC yielding 12-bit digital accuracy. Full GPIB programmability is also included standard on the 8904A.

  • Sine to 600 kHz, square, ramp, triangle to 50 kHz
  • 12 bit direct digital synthesis
  • Tone, DTMF, digital, Hop Ram sequence modes
  • One or two outputs
  • One to four internal channels
  • AM, FM, Phi-M, DSBSC, and pulse modulation
  • Unit to unit phase synchronization

  The Agilent/HP Technologies 8904A Multifunction Synthesizer uses VLSIC technology to create complex signals from six fundamental waveforms. The standard 8904A digitally synthesizes precise sine, square, triangle, ramp, white noise, and dc waveforms and routes these signals to a single output. Option 001 adds three more identical internal synthesizers (channels) which can either modulate the first synthesizer or be summed to the output. Frequency, amplitude, waveform, phase, and destination can be independently set for each synthesizer. Available modulation types for channel A include AM, FM, FM, DSBSC, and pulse modulation. Option 002 adds a second 50 ohm output, providing a second separate signal for two channel applications. Option 003 adds fast hop and digital modulation capability to the 8904A. Option 005 allows multiple 8904As to be phase synchronized for applications which require the use of more than one 8904A. Option 006 changes output one of the 8904A from a 50 ohm floating output to a 600 ohm, high-power balanced output. With this option, the 8904A can deliver 10 volts rms into a 600 ohm load from 30 Hz to over 100 kHz. All this unique capability makes the Agilent 8904A a powerful new tool for demanding applications like VOR, ILS, FM stereo, and communications signaling.


  • Sine wave: 0 Hz to 600 kHz
  • Square, triangle, ramp: 0 Hz to 50 kHz