Agilent/HP 8753ES 6 GHz S-Parameter Network Analyzer

Agilent/HP 8753ES 6 GHz S-Parameter Network Analyzer
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP 8753ES S-Parameter Network Analyzer 6 GHz


Agilent/HP 8753ES S-Parameter Network Analyzer

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  • 006  6 Ghz Option

   The worlds most popular network analyzer offers more choices than ever to meet your measurement needs. You can now choose either the Agilent 8753ES which offers the same integrated S-parameter test set found in the Agilent 8753E or the Agilent 8753ET, with its more economical transmission/reflection test set. The 8753ET replaces the 8752C analyzer and provides a wide range of transmission and reflection measurements of devices in the forward direction. The 8753ES allows you to measure both the forward and reverse characteristics of most components with a single connection, and provides full two-port calibration for high measurement accuracy. Test set options1 give you more flexibility in configuring the 8753ES for your application. Both the 8753ET and 8753ES analyzers cover frequency ranges to 3 or 6 GHz and offer up to 110 dB of dynamic range. Frequency and power sweeps allow you to characterize the linear and nonlinear behavior of most active and passive components with magnitude and phase information, absolute power, gain compression, group delay, and time-domain measurements. With their superb measurement accuracy, fast measurement and data transfer speed, and thoughtfully-designed productivity features, 8753ET and 8753ES analyzers are excellent tools to help you improve your designs in R&D or maximize your measurement throughput in manufacturing.

Minimize test time

   The 8753ET/ES analyzers provide rapid sweep speeds for real-time tuning, and fast register recalls and data transfers to help minimize your test time.

Display it all

   The 8753ET/ES analyzers have two independent measurement channels. Each channel can have different stimulus settings, such as start and stop frequencies and number of points. View the measurement results using up to four display channels in split or overlaid mode on the built-in color LCD, or use the VGA-compatible display output to drive a larger external monitor. You can display any combination of reflection and transmission parameters in magnitude, phase, group delay, Smith chart, polar, SWR or time-domain formats.

Improve your measurement accuracy with a variety of calibrations

   Improve accuracy with a broad range of calibration techniques. Enhanced response calibration helps decrease the effects of source match on transmission measurements, providing improved accuracy over a simple response calibration. The 8753ES also offers full two-2-port calibrations for optimum accuracy.