Agilent/HP 8657A .1-1040 MHz Signal Generator

Agilent/HP 8657A .1-1040 MHz Signal Generator
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP 8657A .1-1040 MHz Signal Generator


Agilent/HP 8657A .1-1040 MHz Signal Generator

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   The low residual FM and excellent phase noise performance of the Agilent/HP 8657A signal generators make them ideal for many in-channel and even out-of-channel receiver tests.  The Agilent/HP 8657A is a versatile signal generator offering a variety of features, such as simultaneous and mixed modulation combinations of AM and FM, as well as a carrier phase adjust capability that allows you to characterize phase-sensitive devices. In addition, the Agilent/HP 8657A offers a wide output range, +13 to -143.5 dBm, with superior level accuracy of ±1.0 dB. Built for reliability, the Agilent/HP 8657A uses an all-electronic attenuator, which is backed with a five-year warranty to ensure that you will make consistent, repeatable measurements every time.


  • Wide frequency coverage, 100 kHz to 1040 MHz
  • Electronic attenuator
  • < 35 ms frequency switching speed
  • AM and FM capabilities
  • ±1 dB level accuracy (typically ±0.5 dB)
  • Amplitude offset and phase adjustment capabilities
  • 0.3 GMSK Modulation Option

Low residual FM ensures wide hum and noise test margins

   Hum and noise testing requires a signal generator to have low residual FM to ensure no measurement error. The residual FM of the 8657A provides the test margins you need for the most demanding hum and noise tests. Output level range and accuracy for sensitivity testing With a dynamic range from +13 to -143.5 dBm, the 8657A allow sensitivity measurements to be made on even the most sensitive receivers. The 8657A couple this with a level accuracy of ±1 dB (typically 0.5 dB) to -127 dBm across the full temperature range of 0 to 55 degrees C, to give you accurate and repeatable measurements every time.

Low RF leakage eliminates measurement interference

   Sensitivity measurements can often be masked by RF leakage (radiated emissions). With the 8657A, RF leakage is reduced to a level that assures virtually no measurement interference.

DCFM faithfully reproduces digital signals

   For radios with digital squelching, the 8657A have extremely stable dc-coupled FM (dcFM). The dc coupling of low-rate tones or digital data eliminates droop, and the exceptional stability and center-frequency accuracy when in dcFM mode eliminates the need to retune the signal generator after dcFM is selected.