Agilent/HP 86145B High Performance Portable Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Agilent/HP 86145B High Performance Portable Optical Spectrum Analyzer
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP 86145B High Performance Portable Optical Spectrum


Agilent/HP 86145B High Performance Optical Spectrum Analyzer

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  • 006 Calibrator


The Agilent 86145B is a portable optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) that is best suited for 50 GHz and wider WDM applications where accurate power and wavelength measurements are critical. This OSA has all the performance capabilities of its larger sibling, the Agilent 86142B, while having a smaller 12.8" x 16.8" footprint and weighing 31 lbs.



  • Built-in test applications
  • 10 pm wavelength accuracy
  • Fast dual-sweep method
  • Covers S, C, and L wavelength bands
  • Extended WDM wavelength range


   The 86146B benchtop OSA enables new test methods you may never have thought possible. One of the applications of the filter mode is to allow a single tightly spaced DWDM signal to be isolated. You can then quantitatively analyze in the time domain without losing any of the traditional OSA functionality you¿ve come to expect from Agilent. It is now possible to switch between parametric measurements in the physical domain to functional measurements in the time domain. The WDM application can sequentially or selectively drop WDM channels that require additional analysis. The 86146B provides the flexibility to drop a single DWDM channel as tight as 12.5 GHz spacing with fast-tuning speed, low-insertion loss, and highly repeatable wavelength accuracy. We¿ve also designed our built-in WDM application to work with the single-mode monochromator output path to simplify the task of pre-selecting a desired WDM channel for analysis. Another application of the filter mode is to measure time resolved chirp (TRC) and to compute dispersion penalty (DPC). Using the SMF feature of monochromator out as a preselector with a DCA, chirp measurements can be made on lasers.

   Built-in applications take the uncertainty out of measurements for WDM systems, lasers, amplifiers, and passive components. These applications allow for fast, accurate, easy to use, and repeatable measurements of critical parameters. All of these applications can be added through a simple firmware upgrade.

   The 8614xB series of optical spectrum analyzers provide fast, accurate, and comprehensive measurement capabilities for spectral analysis.

  • Full-featured SCPI commands for programming instruments over LAN

  • Display-off feature for making faster measurements

  • Remote file saving and printing for outputting measurement results

  • Filter mode for accurate and flexible measurements

  • Built-in applications for accelerating test times