Agilent/HP 86142A Optical Spectrum Analyzer with option 06

Agilent/HP 86142A Optical Spectrum Analyzer with option 06
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP 86142A Optical Spectrum Analyzer


Agilent/HP 86142A Optical Spectrum Analyzer

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   The Agilent/HP 86142B is a benchtop optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) that is best suited for WDM component and system test applications where power and wavelength accuracy, dynamic range and low polarization dependency are critical. The high performance capability combined with the advanced feature set and on-board measurement applications enables you to make highly accurate measurements quickly and easily. These advanced features have been tailored towards increasing your product yields, maximizing manufacturing capacity and minimizing costs. The onboard measurement applications have been designed for ease of use requiring minimal training while retaining flexibility to customize measurements for individual needs.


  • Ideal for WDM applications
  • Real time sweep rates for maximum throughput
  • High 50 pm wavelength accuracy
  • Excellent ¿close-in¿ dynamic range performance
  • -90 dBm sensitivity
  • Available in benchtop & portable platforms
  • Built-in printer & floppy disk


   The Agilent/HP 86140/42/43/45A are a family of grating-based optical spectrum analyzers that operate over a 600 to 1700 nm wavelength range. The OSA family uses a patented double-pass monochromator design to achieve high sensitivity and dynamic range with exceptional sweep time. This performance is essential for characterizing WDM components and systems, especially in a manufacturing environment where speed, accuracy and throughput are critical. The family consists of benchtop Agilent/HP 86140/42A and portable 86143/45A models. All have an integral printer and floppy disk drive to allow easy documentation of results and transfer electronic copies to a PC. The benchtop models have a high clarity 10.4" LCD display while the portable have all the same performance capabilities while having a smaller footprint. The VGA port enables a PC monitor to be connected directly to the OSA screen and a parallel interface allows clear color copies of measurement results to be generated. The uncluttered front panel has been designed to compliment the intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) which can be operated from the front panel keys or by a mouse

The benchtop HP 86142A and portable HP 86145A analyzers are top of the range high performance units ideally suited for critical WDM and EDFA applications where wavelength accuracy, dynamic range and low polarization dependency are essential. In these units, many of the OSA high performance parameters have been optimized to simultaneously cover the WDM C (conventional) and L (long) wavelength bands (1530 nm to 1600 nm). This extended WDM wavelength range also makes these OSAs ideal for testing WDM passive components (filters, multiplexors and Bragg Gratings), characterizing DWDM transmitter lasers and analyzing DWDM multi-channel system performance.