Agilent/HP 8350B RF Sweeper Mainframe

Agilent/HP 8350B RF Sweeper Mainframe
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP 8350B RF Sweeper Mainframe


Agilent/HP 8350B RF Sweeper Mainframe

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   The Agilent/HP 8350B is a powerful general-purpose for swept microwave measurements, wideband CW signal generation and automatic testing.  It incorporates the efficiency of microprocessor control with state-of-the-art YIG-tuned oscillators and GaAs FET amplifiers to produce a high performance sweep oscillator system ideally suited for either manual or automatic measurements. You can easily configure a source to meet your application's frequency coverage and power requirements.  Just combine the versatile HP 8350 mainframe with any of the 32 standard RF plug-ins and you are ready to make measurements.  Both the advanced Agilent/HP 83500 series plug-ins and the existing Agilent/HP 86200 series plug-ins (via the HP 11869A adapter) are accepted by the Agilent/HP 8350B mainframe.


  • Versatile microprocessor-controlled mainframe
  • Single-band, straddle-band and broad band plug-ins
  • Accurate, high resolution, digital displays
  • Five marker with marker D and marker sweep
  • Save/recall 9 complete front panel states
  • 10 mV output power to 26.5 GHz
  • Total HP-IB programmability
  • Compatible with HP Network Analyzers

   The Agilent/HP 8350B has been designed to include many features that not only speed up and simplify measurements but also improve accuracy.  In addition, it is compatible with Agilent/HP network analyzers, counters, noise figure meters, power meters, and microwave link analyzers to provide complete solutions. All function values (sweep limit frequencies, marker frequencies, etc.) are indicated on high resolution digital displays.   Function values are easily modified using the appropriate knob, step keys, or data entry keyboard. Five independent, continuously variable markers are available to note your measurement frequencies.  The active marker frequency or the difference frequency between any two markers is read easily from high resolution digital display.  You can also use marker sweep to zoom in on a particular frequency span while retaining your original sweep limits.

   Another particularly useful feature in making repetitive measurements is the 8350B's Save/Recall Mode.  Once the sweeper has been set for a particular measurement, all front panel settings (8350B and  83500 series plug-in) can be Saved and later Recalled to repeat the measurement by accessing one of nine internal storage registers. In the past, HP-IB programming of sweepers was limited to a series of CW frequencies.  With the 8350B all front panel functions, e.g. sweeps, markers, sweep time, even output power (83500 series plug-ins) can be programmed.  This means there are no limitations in designing your own customized test systems.  Utilizing the Learn Mode function, the 8350B becomes a "talker" as well as "listener" on the bus, transferring all manually entered front panel controls to the computer.

   Full compatibility with both the 8510 and the 8410C Network Analyzers, the 8756A and the 8757A Scalar Network Analyzers are provided for convenient vector and scalar measurements with the 8350B.   The 5343A Counter can be combined with the HP 8350B to measure Start, Stop, or marker frequencies with up to 100 kHz accuracy while sweeping.