Agilent/HP 6632A 20 Volt 5 Amp Power Supply

Agilent/HP 6632A 20 Volt 5 Amp Power Supply
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP 6632A 20 Volt 5 Amp Power Supply


Agilent/HP 6632A 20 Volt 5 Amp Power Supply

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  The Agilent/HP 6632A Power Supply is a 100 Watt, single output, series pass regulated supply is rated 20 V at 5 A. Both the voltage and current output can be programmed for either CV or CC operation. A built-in DC Voltage Meter and precision current shunt measure (readback) the actual power supply output. The internal HP-IB interface allows for complete programmability, including status reporting and interrupt generation with user designated fault conditions. It supports programming of voltage and current via HPIB, as well as measured voltage and current readback. It also has programmable overvoltage and overcurrent protection. It has selectable fast or normal mode operation via rear panel switch.


  • Output: 0-20V, 0-5A
  • Linear output regulation
  • Low ripple and noise
  • "One-Box" solution: includes V and I readback
  • Fast up and down programming

What are the differences between the 6632A and 6632B?

The "B" versions of the 6632 Power Supplies show the following enhancements over the "A" versions:

  1. Lower price
  2. Higher accuracy; especially in current measurement, accuracy is improved 21 times.
  3. Programming response time is improved, requiring less than half the time of the "A" version.
  4. 80W model (6631B) added to the range.
  5. SCPI command set that the "A" version does not have. The instruments have command compatibility, meaning the programs developed for the 663xA will run on the 663xB.

Precision low current measurement

   Current measurements can be performed to an accuracy of (0.1 % of reading + 2.5 µA) on the low current range. On the high current range, the accuracy is (0.2 % of reading + x). "x" varies from 0.25 mA to 1.6 mA, depending on the model and the output polarity. The B version enables you to perform characterization of "off "or "sleep-mode" battery current draw.

High-speed output programming

   The B version provides high-speed programming with under 4 ms command processing time and under 2 ms output programming response time. The B version contributes to increased production throughput.