Agilent/HP 6554A 60 Volt 9 Amp Power Supply

Agilent/HP 6554A 60 Volt 9 Amp Power Supply
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP 6554A 60 Volt 9 Amp Power Supply


Agilent/HP 6554A 60 Volt 9 Amp Power Supply

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Front Panel Operation only, no GPIB Installed

Flexible and reliable power with fast protection features

   The Agilent/HP 6554A series power supplies have front panel and analog programming of output voltage and current. Up to five front panel settings can be stored in nonvolatile storage registers for later recall. The 6554A is reliable and versatile. Single-output solutions streamline common tasks and accelerate test throughput with fast up and down programming.


  • Utilize front panel and analog control of output voltage and current
  • Reduce test time in system applications via fast up- and downprogramming
  • Perform extremely accurate measurements with very low ripple and noise
  • Achieve greater output flexibility with parallel or series connection of multiple units
  • Ensure DUT safety with overvoltage and overcurrent protection and remote sensing

Supplemental Characteristics for 6654A

  • Floating Voltage: Output terminals can be floated up to ±240 Vdc from chassis ground
  • Remote Sensing: Up to half the rated output voltage can be dropped in each load lead. The drop in the load leads subtracts from the voltage available for the load.
  • Output Programming Response Time: The rise and fall time (10/90% and 90/10%) of the output voltage is less than 15 ms. The output voltage change settles within 1 LSB (0.025% x rated voltage) of final value in less than 60 ms.
  • Down Programming: An active down programmer sinks approximately 20% of the rated output current
  • Modulation: (Analog programming of output voltage and current)
  • Input signal: 0 to ¿5 V
  • Input impedance: 10 k Ohm nominal ac Input: (ac input frequency 47 to 63 Hz)
  • Voltage 100 Vac 120 Vac 220 Vac 240 Vac
  • Current 12 A 10 A 5.7 A 5.3 A
  • Input Power: 1,380 VA, 1,100 W at full load; 120 W at no load
  • Regulatory Compliance: Listed to UL 1244; certified to CSA556B; conforms to IEC 61010-1.
  • Size: 425.5 mm W x 132.6 mm H x 497.8 mm D (16.75 in x 5.22 in x 19.6 in)
  • Weight: Net, 25 kg (54 lb); shipping, 28 kg (61 lb)