Agilent/HP 6050A 1800 Watt DC Electronic Load Mainframe

Agilent/HP 6050A 1800 Watt DC Electronic Load Mainframe
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP 6050A 1800 Watt DC Electronic Load Mainframe


Agilent/HP 6050A 1800 Watt DC Electronic Load Mainframe

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   The Agilent/HP 6050A electronic load mainframe accepts user-installable Agilent load modules for easy system configuration and future reconfiguration. The 6050A holds up to six 60501B, 60502B, and 60503B load modules, or three 60504B and 60507B load modules, allowing up to 1,800 watts of total maximum power. One GPIB address is all you need for complete control and readback of all load modules within a single mainframe.


  • GPIB control of current, voltage and resistance
  • GPIB readback of current, voltage, and power
  • Built-in pulse waveform generation with programmable amplitude, frequency, duty cycle and slew rate
  • Full protection from over-current, over-voltage, overpower, over-temperature, and reverse polarity
  • Electronic calibration
  • Trigger for external synchronization
  • Parallel units in constant current mode for higher power
  • VXI plug&play drivers

Electronic Loads

  Agilent/HP DC electronic loads are ideal for the test and evaluation of dc power sources and power components and are well-suited for applications in areas such as manufacturing, research and development, and incoming inspection.

The Agilent One-Box Solution

   Agilent single-input loads and load mainframes are equipped with standard GPIB interfaces. This built-in IEEE-488 interface allows complete control of all load functions as well as readback of input voltage, current, power, and detailed operating status. Each stand alone load or load module also includes programming inputs that allow control of load current via an analog voltage. Other system features contributing to the one-box solution concept are internal voltage and current monitors and an internal transient generator with programmable amplitudes, frequency, duty cycle, and slew rate. The one-box solution saves space, cost, and time while making these dc electronic loads easy to integrate into automated test systems. Agilent dc electronic loads are optimized to address a broad range of dynamic loading applications. They are specifically designed for stability in applications where fast transients are applied to the load inputs, such as during dc power supply startup characterization or transient response testing. Dynamic load performance can be further tailored to specific application needs with the programmable slew rate feature.