Agilent/HP 6038A 60 Volt 10 Amp Power Supply

Agilent/HP 6038A 60 Volt 10 Amp Power Supply
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP 6038A 60 Volt 10 Amp Power Supply


Agilent/HP 6038A 60 Volt 10 Amp Power Supply

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  The Agilent/HP 6038A provides great flexibility for applications with varied or changing needs. The 6038A is a single autorangeing output power supply equiped with the GPIB Interface and VXI plug&play drivers. This 6038A ystem power supply is an autoranging GP-IB power supply. It uses power MOSFETs in a 20 kHz switching converter to provide an autoranging output characteristic with laboratory performance. Output voltage and current are continuously indicated on individual meters. LED indicators show the complete operating state of the unit. Front-panel controls allow the user to set output voltage, current and overvoltage protection trip levels. Overvoltage protection (OVP) protects the load by quickly and automatically interrupting energy transfer if a preset trip voltage is exceeded. Foldback protection can be selected to disable the power supply output if the unit switches from Constant Voltage (CV) to Constant Current (CC) mode or vice-versa.

   The 6038A power supply can be both a listener and talker on the GP-IB, and can be programmed directly in volts and amps. Power supply status can be read over the GP-IB, and the power supply can be instructed to request service for any of ten conditions. Upon command, the power supply will measure its output voltage, output current, or OVP trip voltage and put the value on the GP-IB. New output values can be put on hold and triggered later, allowing the controller to synchronize multiple power supplies at one time.

  The following parameters and features can be controlled via the GP-IB:

  • Output voltage setting (12 bits)
  • Output current setting (12 bits)
  • Trigger (update output)
  • Output disable/enable
  • OVP reset
  • "Soft" voltage and current limits
  • Status reporting
  • Service request capability
  • Foldback protection
  • Output voltage measurement (12 bits)
  • Output current measurement (12 bits)
  • OVP setting measurement
  • Machine state initialization
  • 16 machine state presets
  • Self test

  Output connections are made to rear-panel screw-on terminals. Either the positive or negative output terminal may be grounded or the output may be floated up to + 550 Vdc (including output voltage) from chassis ground. Output voltage can be locally or remotely sensed.