Agilent/HP 6012B 60 Volt 50 Amp Power Supply

Agilent/HP 6012B 60 Volt 50 Amp Power Supply
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP 6012B 60 Volt 50 Amp Power Supply


Agilent/HP 6012B 60 Volt 50 Amp Power Supply

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Output limited to 1200 Watts total  

   The Agilent/HP 6012B series of DC power supplies take the place of multiple power supplies on your test bench by providing maximum power at a variety of operating points. They have ten-turn front panel pots to allow precise local control. These power supplies also may be connected in auto-parallel or series as part of a test system.

Greater one-box versatility with autoranging outputs

These single-output supplies can replace multiple units, saving rack space and reducing system cost and complexity.

  • Autoranging outputs provide maximum power at a variety of operating points
  • Overvoltage features protect DUTs quickly and automatically
  • Auto-parallel or auto-series connections enable greater output flexibility (requires 6030 Series GPIB unit)
  • Ten-turn pots for precise local control


   These power supplies are autoranging supplies. Autoranging allows the power supply to deliver full output power over a higher voltage and current combination than would be possible with a rectangular output characteristic (see figure 1-1). They use a 20k Hz pulse-width modulation circuit with power MOSFETs to provide the autoranging output characteristic with laboratory performance.

   Output voltage and current are continuously indicated on two 3 ½ digit displays. Front-panel controls allow the user to set output voltage, current and Overvoltage Protection (OVP) trip levels. OVP protects the load by quickly and automatically interrupting energy transfer if a preset voltage trip level is exceeded. Push button switches allow the display to alternately show the programmed values of voltage and current or the overvoltage limit. LED indicators show the operating state of the unit (CV, CC, Unregulated and Overvoltage).

   All connections are made to rear-panel screw-on terminals. Output voltage can be locally or remotely sensed.     A six-position MODE switch located on the rear panel is used to change from front panel control to remote voltage or remote resistance control. See section 3 for a description of remote programming, remote sensing and several methods of multiple supply operation. Either the positive or negative output terminal may be grounded or the output may be floated (including output voltage) up to ± 240 Vdc on the 6012B from chassis ground.

   The power supply is fan cooled and is packaged in an Agilent Technologies System II-compatible modular that provides easy access for servicing. A thermostat shuts down the supply if an over-temperature condition occurs and resets automatically.