Agilent/HP 54846A Infiniium 4 Channel 2.25 GHz Oscilloscope

Agilent/HP 54846A Infiniium 4 Channel 2.25 GHz Oscilloscope
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP 54846A Infiniium 4 Channel 2.25 Ghz Oscilloscope


Agilent/HP 54846A Infiniium 4 Channel 2.25 GHz Oscilloscope

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   The Infiniium family's Agilent/HP 54846A provides the performance you need for your most demanding signals. 2.25 GHz bandwidth and a sample rate of up to 8 GSa/s ensure fast, accurate capture of your waveforms. Like the other Infiniium models, the Agilent 54846A's easy, familiar user interface makes it easy to take advantage of every bit of the performance inside.

  • Simple, analog-like front panel with Windows® GUI
  • USB Test option with embedded MatLab
  • Time correlation between 16700 logic analyzer and scope
  • Communications mask test kit option
  • Voice Control option for hands free operation
  • Web-enabled remote control from any web browser
  • Email on trigger

  See fast events as fast as 250 ps without using special modes like peak detect. Peak points are displayed in a darker color than the waveform indicating more data points are available. Just zoom in to see the event in detail. Drag and drop markers with your mouse or use the arrow keys. Bus mode display allows quick readout of digital channel value in hexa-decimal representation at every transition. See your signal more clearly with a large (8.4-inch) high-resolution color display. Infiniium's bright TFT display with anti-glare coating lets you see the details of your signal from all angles. Store all your setups and results on the hard drive for future recall or sharing via the LAN interface. Order option 017 to make it removable for operation in secure environments.

   Remote access with web-enabled connectivity, e-mail on trigger, and GPIB over LAN.Save all waveforms, including digital and analog channels, that allows you to store multiple waveforms in ASCII file formats to a single file with a single mouse click.

Dialog Boxes for Easy Setup

   With Infiniium, you dont need to navigate through annoying softkey menus. Dialog boxes display all the choices you need for measurement setups, all in one place. Help is available for each field, guiding you through each step.

Take the frustration out of communications testing

   Now there's an easier way to prove your products conform to industry standards. Use an Infiniium oscilloscope with the Communication Mask Test Option to get your job done more quickly. Infiniium's familiar Windows interface makes it easy for you to access the masks you need and configure your tests. Plus you'll find a variety of special mask test features that save you time and trouble. The Communication Mask Test Kit comes complete with a library of mask templates and a set of electrical communication adapters to assure convenient, reliable and accurate connections to your device under test.