Agilent/HP 5328A 100 MHz Universal Frequency Counter

Agilent/HP 5328A 100 MHz Universal Frequency Counter
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP 5328A Universal Frequency Counter


Agilent/HP 5328A Universal Frequency Counter

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with options

  • 30 500 MHz Channel C
  • 10 High Stability Timebase
  • 11 GPIB
  • 41 Extended Input Module
   The Agilent/HP 5328A, thru the use of technology such as a ROM controlled measurement cycle and a modular design, provides you with excellent universal counter price/performance. Optional modules allow you to tailor the performance of the 5328 A to meet your particular measurement needs. In many instances, however, the standard 5328A offers all the capability you're likely to need.

Burst and CW measurements to 100 MHz: special gating circuits start a measurement only when the input signal is present, allowing burst frequencies to be measured as easily as CW signals. The option  030 C Channel extends this capability to 512 MHz; option 031, to 1300 MHz.

Single shot time interval measurements: the standard universal module's 100 ns single shot resolution meets or exceeds the requirements for a wide range of applications such as mechanical and electromechanical device timing (relays), time of flight measurements (ballistics), sonar ranging, radio ranging and navigation.

Time interval averaging: resolution better than 10 ps (10~n seconds) for repetitive time intervals as short as 100 ps

Display: 9 digit LED display, ninth digit used only with channel C functions (FREQ. C, Ratio C/A, Events C,

A-*B). Blanking: suppresses display of unwanted zeros to left of most significant digit.

Storage: holds reading between samples; can be overridden by rear panel switch.

Sample rate: variable from less than 2 ms between measurements to HOLD which holds display indefinitely.

Gate output: rear panel output, TTL levels; high if gate is open.

Period, period average, ratio, totalize, scale: extra problem solving power for your special requirements.

Armed measurements: versatile arming modes (controlled by a rear panel switch) allow real time control over when a measurement begins. Useful for measurements such as frequency burst profile and frequency sweep linearity.

Trigger lights: trigger light blinks when channel is triggering; light is ON when input is above trigger level; OFF when input is below trigger level. Simplifies trigger level adjustments.

High performance marker outputs: marker outputs (operational to 100 MHz) indicate where channel is triggering in real time for oscilloscope monitoring applications. Provides measurement feedback to  the operator for greatly simplified measurement set-ups. These features and capabilities make the 5328A an excellent choice for general purpose lab use, electronic service, and production test. For more demanding applications, a variety of options offer extended performance at a modest increase in price. 

Operating temperature: 0° to 50° C.

Power requirements: 100/120/220/240 V rms, +5%, -10% (switch selectable), 48-66 Hz; 150 VA max