Agilent/HP 53181A Universal Frequency Counter

Agilent/HP 53181A Universal Frequency Counter
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP 53181A Universal Frequency Counter 10 digit
Agilent/HP 53181A Universal Frequency Counter 10 Digit

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   The Agilent/HP 53181A RF counter provides fast, precise results with the core measurements needed for RF tests. It provides the same signal processing and test automation features as the Agilent 53131A and Agilent 53132A universal counters, along with 10 digits/second resolution. The Agilent/HP 53181A offers a single 225 MHz channel standard, and you can choose an optional second channel that measures up to 1.5 GHz, 3 GHz, 5 GHz or 12.4 GHz.
Optimized for RF applications, the single-channel 10 digit/s 53181A measures frequency, period and peak voltage. A digit blanking function lets you easily eliminate unnecessary digits when you want to read measurements quickly. A self-guided shallow menu makes this counter exceptionally user friendly.


  • Measurements include frequency, frequency ratio (with optional channel 2), period and peak voltage
  • Automated limit tests and one-button measurement setups for fast, easy operation
  • 10 digits/second resolution
  • Built-in statistics feature lets you simultaneously measure average, min/max, and standard deviation
  • One 225 MHz input channel, plus optional second channel up to 12.4 GHz

   The Agilent/HP 53181A counters offer built-in statistics and math functions so you can scale measurements and simultaneously measure and track average, min/max and standard deviation. Automated limit testing lets you set upper and lower limits for any measurement. An analog display mode lets you see at a glance whether a measurement is within pass/fail limits. The counters flag out-of-limit conditions and can generate an output signal to trigger external devices when a limit is exceeded. For quick access to frequently used tests, a single keystroke recalls up to 20 different stored front panel set-ups.

   For computer-controlled systems applications, each counter includes a standard GPIB interface with full SCPI-compatible programmability and a data transfer rate of up to 200 fully formatted measurements per second. The standard RS-232 talk-only interface provides printer support or data transfer to a computer through a terminal-emulation program.

Other Options

Opt. 001 Medium-stability timebase
Opt. 010 High-stability timebase
Opt. 012 Ultra-High stability timebase (53132A only)
Opt. 015 1.5 GHz RF input Ch 2 for 53181A only
Opt. 030 3 GHz RF input Ch 3 (Ch 2 on 53181A )
Opt. 050 5 GHz RF input with type N connector Ch 3 (Ch 2 on 53181A)
Opt. 124 12.4 GHz RF input with type N connector Ch 3 (Ch 2 on 53181A)
Opt. 060 Rear-panel connectors