Agilent/HP 4957A Protocol Analyzer

Agilent/HP 4957A Protocol Analyzer
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP 4957A Protocol Analyzer


Agilent 4957A Protocol Analyzer

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    The Agilent/HP 4957A Protocol Analyzer is a portable, rugged, easy-to-use protocol analyzer that supports all major interfaces and protocols. Monitor, decode, simulate protocols, and run BERT to 64 Kb/s. The Agilent/HP 4957A is a wide area network protocol analyzer, which solves even the toughest communication problems cost-effectively and efficiently. The Agilent 4957A is the right analyzer for troubleshooting network problems, or verifying the operation of the design or installing the customer equipment. The 4957A protocol analyzer offers the best combination of price and performance in the industry and provides the capabilities that are most important to the user.

   Full Remote Control allows bringing the 4957A to the remote site instantly with the PC-based remote troubleshooter software. Completely control a remotely located 4957A protocol analyzer from PC with virtual remote control, file transfer, and PC data analysis. All major interfaces such as RS-232/V.24; RS-449/422/423; RS-530; V.35; X.21, ISDN basic rate (S, T and U); ISDN primary rate interface; T1 (1.554 Mb/s); CEPT (2.048 Mb/s); are supported by the 4957A. All major protocols such as X.25; SNA; HDLC; SDLC; frame relay; SMDS; ISDN; X.21; SS#7; Bisync; asynchronous; IPARS; full capture of proprietary synchronous protocols are supported by the 4957A.

   The Autoconfigure feature of the 4957A automatically determines line parameters in seconds. Prewritten tests for all major protocols, customizable displays and Built-in help screens make the 4957A a very easy to use WAN protocol analyzer.

Description Monitors, decodes, simulates, and runs BERT tests on WAN networks.
Monitor: Provides intelligent analysis of collected data
Simulate: Replace a node of the network
BERT: Bit-error rate testing identifies line quality problems. Data filter and selective storage functions limit data volume in the buffer to pinpoint problems even faster.

An Easy-to-Use Testing Environment

  • Auto-configure determines line parameters within seconds
  • Softkey-driven menus guide you through the appropriate selections for any given field

A Complete Set of Measurement Tools

  • Cursor timing facilities quick timing measurements between characters or frames
  • Monitor menu provides intelligent analysis of collected data
  • Stimulate menu gives you the ability to replace a node of the network
  • Bit-error rate testing identifies line quality problems
  • Data filter and selective storage functions let you pinpoint problems faster by limiting the volume of data in the buffer
  • Data Rate: 256 kb/s monitor (opt); 64 kb/s simulate
  • Interfaces:
    * Built-in: RS-449, V.35, RS-232/V.24
    * Optional: X.21, basic & primary rate ISDN, single-channel T1
  • Display: High resolution 12-cm (5-in) monochrome