Agilent/HP 37717C/120/130/A3D/UH4

Agilent/HP 37717C/120/130/A3D/UH4
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP 37717C Omniber 717


Agilent/HP 37717C Omniber 717

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with options

  • 120 = 155/52 Mb/s SONET/SDH
  • 130 = Dual Wavelength 1310 & 1550 nm
  • A3D = RS232, HPIB and Parallel Interfaces
  • UH4 = Adds Optical adapters - FC/PC connectors

   Agilent/HP's OmniBER 37717C communications performance analyzer offers a single-box, field-portable multi-rate tester to 622Mb/s for installation, maintenance, and commissioning of hybrid PDH/SDH/SONET and ATM transport networks and network equipment. OmniBER 37717C can be configured as a dual standard SONET/SDH analyzer for BER and jitter tests, which makes it the ideal tool for testing network equipment in a manufacturing environment. The dual SONET/SDH capability along with comprehensive remote control of the instruments rich feature set means that production lines can be rapidly reconfigured to test either SONET or SDH.

   Synchronous Digital Heirarchy (SDH) is an international standard (ETSI) for high speed synchronous optical telecommunications networks. The concept of a synchronous transport system, based on SDH standards, goes beyond the basic needs of a point to point transmission system. It includes the requirements of telecommunications networking - switching, transmission and network control. These capabilities allow SDH to be used in all three traditional network application areas - Local Network, Inter-exchange Network and Long Haul Network - thus providing a unified telecommunication network structure. The SDH standards are based on the principle of direct synchronous multiplexing. This means that individual tributary signals (Payload) may be multiplexed directly into a higher rate SDH signal without intermediate stages of multiplexing. SDH network elements, even those supplied by different manufacturers, can be interconnected directly giving cost and equipment savings. SDH is capable of transporting all the common tributary signals E1 (2.048 Mb/s), E3 (34.368 Mb/s), E4 (139.264 Mb/s), DS1 (1.544 Mb/s) and DS3 (44.736 Mb/s) currently in use. In addition SDH has the flexibility to readily accommodate any new types of service which are being introduced for example (ATM) or which may be required in the future. Approximately 5% of the SDH signal structure (Overhead) is reserved for network management and maintenance.

   This means that SDH can be deployed as an overlay to the existing network thus providing enhanced network flexibility. The Agilent/HP 37717C provides comprehensive testing of both payload and overhead at electrical and optical SDH interfaces.