Agilent/HP 35670A 100 KHz Dynamic Signal Analyzer

Agilent/HP 35670A 100 KHz Dynamic Signal Analyzer
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP 35670A 100 KHz Dynamic Signal Analyzer


Agilent/HP 35670A 100 KHz Dynamic Signal Analyzer

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with option

  • 1D2 Swept sine measurement

We love the Agilent/HP 3562A but this just blows it away! SN 3613A02921

   The Agilent/HP 35670A is a versatile FFT analyzer with built in source for general spectrum and network analysis, and for octave, order, and correlation analysis. Rugged and portable, it is ideal for field work, yet it has the performance and functionality required for demanding R&D applications. The built in source with optional analysis features optimize the instrument for analyzing and troubleshooting noise, vibration and acoustic problems, evaluating and solving rotating machinery problems, and characterizing control systems parameters.


  • 102.4 kHz at 1 channel, 51.2 kHz at 2 channel, 25.6 kHz at 4 channel
  • 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1600 lines of resolution
  • 90 dB dynamic range, 130 dB in swept-sine mode
  • Source: Random, Burst random, Periodic chirp, Burst chirp, Pink noise, Sine, Arbitrary waveform
  • Measurements: Linear, Cross, and Power Spectrum, Power Spectral Density, Frequency Response, Coherence, THD, harmonic power, Time Waveform, Auto-correlation, Cross-Correlation, Histogram, PDF, CDF
  • Octave analysis with triggered waterfall display
  • Tachometer input and order tracking with orbit diagram
  • Built-in 3.5-inch floppy disk

Instrument Modes

  • FFT Analysis Histogram/Time
  • Correlation Analysis Time Capture


  • Frequency Domain
  • Frequency Response Power Spectrum
  • Linear Spectrum Coherence
  • Cross Spectrum Power Spectral
  • Density
  • Time Domain (oscilloscope mode)
  • Time Waveform Autocorrelation
  • Cross-Correlation Orbit Diagram
  • Amplitude Domain
  • Histogram, PDF, CDF
  • Trace Coordinates
  • Linear Magnitude Unwrapped Phase
  • Log Magnitude Real Part
  • dB Magnitude Imaginary Part
  • Group Delay Nyquist Diagram
  • Phase Polar
  • Trace Units
  • Y-axis Amplitude: combinations of units, unit value, calculated value, and unit format describe y-axis amplitude
  • Units: volts, g, meters/sec2, inches/sec2,meters/sec, inches/sec, meters, mils, inches,pascals, Kg, N, dyn, lb, user-defined EUs
  • Unit Value: rms, peak, peak-to-peak
  • Calculated Value: V, V2, V2/Hz, Hz, V2s/Hz (ESD)
  • Unit Format: linear, dB¿s with user selectable dB reference, dBm with user selectable impedance.
  • Y-Axis Phase:degrees, radians
  • X-Axis:Hz, cpm, order, seconds, user-defined