Agilent/HP 34970A Datalogger Mainframe

Agilent/HP 34970A Datalogger Mainframe
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP 34970A Datalogger Mainframe


Agilent/HP 34970A Datalogger Mainframe

Rent me for $150 a month for base unit only

Requires additional plug in modules for operation

   The best and easiest datalogger to use. No hassles or grief. Fast quick results. Requires plug in modules for your application. The Agilent/HP 34970A consists of a three-slot mainframe with a built-in 6 ½ digit DMM. Each channel can be configured independently to measure one of 11 different functions without the added cost or hassles of signal-conditioning accessories. Choose from eight optional plug-in modules to create a compact data logger, full-featured data acquisition system or low-cost switching unit. On-module screw-terminal connections eliminate the need for terminal blocks and a unique relay maintenance feature counts every closure on every switch for easy, predictable relay maintenance. Our most popular module 34901A features a built-in thermocouple reference and 20 two-wire channels. The Agilent/HP 34970A Data Acquisition Control Unit is a compact, economical, one-box solution for data logging, data acquisition, and general-purpose switching and control applications.

  • 3-slot mainframe with built-in GPIB and RS232 interfaces
  • 6 ½-digit (22-bit) internal DMM, scanning up to 250 channels per second
  • Built-in Signal conditioning measures thermocouples, RTDs, & Thermistors, ac/dc Volts, & Current; Resistance; Frequency and Period
  • 8 switch and control plug-in modules to choose from
  • 50k readings of non-volatile memory holds data when power is removed
  • Hi/LO alarm limits on each channel, plus 4 TTL alarm outputs

   The Agilent/HP Technologies 34970A combines precision measurement capability with flexible signal connections for your production and development test systems. Three module slots are built into the rear of the instrument to accept any combination of data acquisition or switching modules. The combination of data logging and data acquisition features in the 34970A makes this instrument a versatile solution for your testing requirements now and in the future.

Plug ins available include

  • 34901A 20-CH multiplexer (2/4-wire) 60 300 V 1 A 2 current channels (22 ch total) Built-in cold junction reference
  • 34902A 16-CH multiplexer (2/4-wire) 250 300 V 50 mA Built-in cold junction reference
  • 34903A 20-CH actuator/GP switch 120 300 V 1 A Form C (SPDT) switches
  • 34904A 4x8 matrix 120 300 V 1 A 2-wire, full crosspoint
  • 34905A 2-GHz dual 1:4 RF mux, 50 ohm 60 42 V 0.7 A 1-GHz through provided BNC-to-SMB adapter cables
  • 34906A 2-GHz dual 1:4 RF mux, 75 ohm 60 42 V 0.7 A 1-GHz through provided BNC-to-SMB adapter cables
  • 34907A 2 8-bit digital I/O ports; 26-bit, 100-kHz event counter; 2 16-bit analog outputs 42 V; 42 V; +/-12 V 400 mA; ; 10 mA Open drain; Gated, selectable input threshold; Earth referenced. Calibrated.
  • 34908A 40-CH single-ended multiplexer 60 300 V 1 A Common low, no 4-wire meas. Built-in cold junction reference