Agilent/HP 3336B 21 MHz Signal Generator

Agilent/HP 3336B 21 MHz Signal Generator
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP 3336B 21 MHz Signal Generator


Agilent/HP 3336B 21 MHz Signal Generator

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   The Agilent/HP 3336B Synthesizer/Level Generator is an excellent precision tracking signal source for the Agilent/HP 3586B Selective Level Meter. When in the tracking mode, the frequency of the the sythesizer is automatically set to the frequency of the SLM. Frequency coverage is 10 Hz to 20.9 MHz, making the Agilent/HP 3336B useful for telephone circuit loop testing on most FDM systems, transfer function and distortion measurements in telecommunications manufacturing. It features precision level control, high spectral purity, internal frequency sweep and numerous user conveniences. It also includes HPIB as a standard feature for use in automatic test systems.

   The 3336B provides a single loop, fractional-N synthesis technique which allows synthesizer accuracy with 11 digits of resolution, plus completely phase continuous frequency sweep. The 3336B Synthesizer provides wide band sweep capability -sweep the full frequency range (or as little as two microhertz), log or linear, single or continuous. Single phase lock loop design means the sweep is phase continuous and you can modulate with AM to 50 kHz or PM to 5 kHz. Ten storage registers can be used to keep different test settings available for repetitive test.


Frequency Range

  • 10Hz to 20.999999MHz (75 ohms unbalanced)
  • 10Hz to 10.999999MHz (124 ohms balanced)
  • 10kHz to 10.999999MHz (135 ohms balanced)
  • 200Hz to 109.99999kHz (600 ohms balanced)

Frequency Resolution

  • 1µHz (<100 kHz) and 1mHz (>100 kHz)
  • Accuracy is ±5 x 10E-6 of programmed frequency

Output Amplitude Ranges

  • -71.23 to +8.76 dBm (50 ohms)
  • -72.99 to +7.00 dB (75 ohms & 600 ohms)
  • -78.23 to 1.76 dB (124, 135, & 150 ohms)
  • Amplitude accuracy is ±0.05 dB

Output & Connectors

  • Output 75Ω unbal - Connector type WECO type 439A or 440A
  • Output 124Ω bal - Connector type WECO type 443A
  • Output 135Ω bal - Connector type WECO type 241A
  • Output 600Ω bal - Connector type WECO