Agilent/HP 16700B Logic Analyzer Mainframe

Agilent/HP 16700B Logic Analyzer Mainframe
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP 16700B Logic Analyzer Mainframe


Agilent/HP 16700B Logic Analyzer Mainframe

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Requires additional Agilent 167xxx modules for your application

   The Agilent/HP 16700B logic analysis system provides comprehensive system-level debugging optimized for multiple processor/bus designs. With on-line processor and bus setup assistant and an intuitive user interface, your design team can finally work together to solve tough hardware/software integration problems. A mouse and keyboard are included standard. The 16700B requires an external monitor. Customize a logic analysis system that meets your specific measurement needs

  • 5 measurement module slots:
  • 1 slot for emulation module or Multiframe module
  • 18 GB disk drive
  • Built-in 40x CD-ROM drive
  • 10/100 BaseT LAN auto-sensing
  • 128 MB system RAM, upgradeable to 256 MB with Option 003

   The Agilent/HP 16700B Series logic analysis systems help design teams overcome time-to-market obstacles and meet tough engineering challenges from basic circuit board turn-on to validating signal integrity. With their wide variety of measurement capabilities, the 16700B and 16702B high performance modular systems enable you to rapidly consolidate data into meaningful insight while giving you the most complete view of your system's behavior. And since accurate acquisition starts with probing, we also offer reliable, unobtrusive probes that make it easy to connect your Agilent logic analyzer to your system under test.

   As the innovator of logic analysis, Agilent (formerly Hewlett-Packard) continues to provide leading-edge solutions that evolve with your changing needs. The modular form factor of the 16700B Series is the key to their long-term value. You purchase only the capability you need now, then expand as your needs evolve.

   Configuring these modular systems is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Select your choice of products that will (1) Connect, (2) Acquire, and (3) View/Analyze the data from your system under test. For example, you can choose the timing/state logic analyzer modules, oscilloscope and pattern generator modules and data post-processing and protocol tools that meet your specific needs.

16700B and 16702B Options

  • Option 001 Add 17-inch 1280 x 1024 monitor
  • Option 003 256 MB system RAM, 4 MB video RAM
  • Option 008 18 GB external data drive
  • Option 009 external removable hard drive
  • Option 012 multiframe module