Agilent/HP 1147A Infiniium Current Probe

Agilent/HP 1147A Infiniium Current Probe
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP 24A Infiniium Current Probe


Agilent/HP 24A Infiniium Current Probe

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   The Agilent/HP 24A is a wide bandwidth, active current probe for 54800 Series Infiniium, DSO5000 Series and DSO/MSO6000 Series oscilloscopes. The probe features flat bandwidth (DC to 50 MHz), low noise (<2.5 mA rms) and low circuit insertion loss. The 24A is ideal for capturing transient current signals such as those found in motor controllers, in switching power supplies, inverters and current amplifiers driving inductive loads. The 24A is compatible with Agilent's AutoProbe interface, which completely configures the oscilloscope for the probe. Probe power is provided by the scope, so there is no need for an external amplifier or power supply. A snap-on BNC connector simplifies connecting the probe to the scope.


  • Wide bandwidth: DC to 50 MHz
  • High S/N ratio, low current measurement capability
  • 15 A continuous, 50 A peak dc + ac pulse current
  • Easy protect function at excessive input
  • Demagnetizing switch to remove any residual magnetism that builds up in the magnetic core
  • AutoProbe interface compatible

   A Degauss function allows the removal of any residual magnetism that has built up in the magnetic core due to power on/off switching or excessive input. In addition, voltage offset or temperature drift on the 24A probe can be easily corrected by using the zero adjustment dial.