Agilent/HP 1141A 200 MHz Differential Probe

Agilent/HP 1141A 200 MHz Differential Probe
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP 4A Differential Probe
Agilent/HP 4A Differential Probe

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   The Agilent/HP 4A is a 1X FET differential probe with 200 MHz bandwidth and 3000:1 CMRR (Common Mode Rejection Ratio) at 1 MHz. The probe has an input resistance of 1 Megaohm and low input capacitance of 7 pF, to minimize circuit loading. The Agilent/HP 4A 200 MHz Differential Probe must be used with the Agilent 1142A Probe Control and Power Module. It can be connected to any instrument with 50 ohm inputs. An external 50 ohm termination can also be used with high impedance inputs.


  • Superior tolerance to ESD
  • Low dc thermal drift
  • ±200 V (dc + peak ac) maximum allowable input without attenuators
  • Dc offset and dc reject
  • Remote control input coupling and offset
  • Rugged construction

   The 4A/1142A probe system allows measurement of small differential signals in the presence of much larger common-mode signals. It has the following major features:

  • 200 MHz bandwidth
  • Variable offset
  • DC reject
  • AC coupling
  • Remote operating capability

   The variable offset capability can be used to measure small ac signals in the presence of much larger dc levels. Remote operation of key features allows the use of the probe system in automatic test situations. The probe can be used with an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, or any instrument where differential probing is required and a compatible 50 Ω input is available.