Agilent/HP 83650L 50 GHz Synthesized Sweep Generator

Agilent/HP 83650L 50 GHz Synthesized Sweep Generator
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP 83650L 50 Ghz Generator


The Agilent 83650L synthesized swept CW generator is the standard of excellence for applications requiring the high performance and accuracy of a synthesized source and the speed and versatility of a sweep oscillator.



  • +2.5 dBm calibrated output power
  • -50 dBc harmonics <26.5 GHz typical
  • SSB phase noise <-80 dBc at 10 GHz and 10 kHz offset
  • Complete analog sweeper
  • -110 dBm output power with step attenuator (Option 001)


Precision and versatility

  The Agilent Technologies 8360 family consists of the general purpose B-model series and the application-focused L-model series. They combine the excellent frequency resolution, level control, signal purity, and modulation capabilities you expect of a high-performance synthesized signal generator with the speed and convenience of a sweep oscillator. They are ideal for the demanding requirements of signal simulation, local oscillator, and stimulus/response component or subsystem test applications. The 8360 family offer a choice of models to meet a variety of application requirements. Ultra-broadband frequency coverage from 10 MHz to 50 GHz is available in coax using a 2.4 mm precision connector. High-power models with up to +20 dBm are also available, and can be used to directly drive the 83550 series mm-wave source modules for superior performance to 110 GHz in waveguide. The 8360 can also be customized with 1 Hz frequency resolution, fast pulse, a synthesized internal modulation generator, and a blank front panel for automated test applications.

Flexible and upgradable for growth

  The 8360 is designed to facilitate future growth. The hardkey and softkey front-panel design offers easily accessible functions that are simple to use. Softkey flexibility and modular architecture provide upgrade capability, while retaining system compatibility. The family delivers the cost-effective and state-of-the-art perform-ance you need today, while protecting your investment in the future.


  The 8360 models only need to be calibrated once every two years. Should a problem arise, over 280 internal self-tests quickly isolate more than 95% of instrument failures to the assembly level. Intermittent problems may be efficiently located by continually monitor-ing the tests and logging the results to the internal display or an external printer. To minimize the need for external equipment, adjustments have been automated with DACs and calibration constants where possible. Internal service power meter and voltmeter functions are available for performing most of the few remaining manual adjustments, as well as enabling more specific and thorough troubleshooting. The RF deck can also be raised as a whole unit for service, or reversed for rear RF output without output power degradation.