Agilent/HP 83483A

Agilent/HP 83483A
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent 83483A plug-in module

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The Agilent 83483A electrical plug-in module provides

  • User selectable 12.4 or 20 GHz bandwidth
  • 2.5 GHz bandwidth trigger channel
  • 3.5 mm (m) connectors

This module provides two accurate measurement channels with user-selectable bandwidths of 12.4 or 20 GHz. The lower bandwidth mode provides excellent oscilloscope noise performance for accurate measurement of small signals. The high bandwidth mode provides high-fidelity measurement and display of very high-speed waveforms.

The purpose of the plug-in module
The purpose of the plug-in 83483A module is to provide measurement channels, including sampling, for the mainframe. The plug-in module scales the input signal, sets the bandwidth of the system, and allows the o set to be adjusted so the signal can be viewed. The output of the plug-in module is an analog signal that is applied to the ADCs on the acquisition boards inside the mainframe. The plug-in module also provides a trigger signal input to the time base/trigger board inside the mainframe.

The external trigger level range for this plug-in module is 1 V. The trigger source selection follows the slots the plug-in module is installed in. For example, if the plug-in module is installed in slots 1 and 2, then the trigger source is listed as trigger 2. If it is installed in slots 3 and 4, then the trigger source is listed as trigger 4.
The maximum safe input voltage is 2 V + peak ac (+16 dBm).

Scale Factor full scale is eight divisions
Minimum 1 mV/div
Maximum 100 mV/div
dc set Range 500 mV
Nominal Input Impedance 50

Connectors 3.5mm (m), channel and trigger
Input Reection/Return Loss 5% for 30 ps rise time
Number of Channels 2
Dynamic Range/Maximum Specifieded Input Power 400 mV relative to channel offset
Maximum Safe Input 2V + peak ac (+16 dBm)