Agilent/HP 8163A Optical 2 Channel Mainframe

Agilent/HP 8163A Optical 2 Channel Mainframe
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent 8163A Optical 2 Channel Mainframe

The 8163A is a high-performance optical multimeter for the characterization and evaluation of optical components. Its modular format makes it flexible enough to meet changing needs when measuring optical power, power loss, or return loss for single or multi-mode components. The 8163A mainframe has two slim module slots. The system can host up to two front-loadable modules, of any combination of the following types:
¿ Compact Tunable Laser Modules
¿ Fixed wavelength Laser Sources
¿ DFB Source Modules
¿ Power Sensors, both Dual and Single
¿ Fast Power Sensor Modules
¿ Interface Modules for Optical Heads
¿ Return Loss Modules
¿ Attenuator Modules
¿ Optical Switch Modules

The front-loadable module slots also support all modules designed for the HP 8153A Lightwave Multimeter.

Key Features

Graphical Display, 190 x 300 pixels
Resolution: .0001dB/dBm, 0.01pW to 10pW
Trigger: True Synchronous on all Channels
Supports 816xxx and 815xxx Modules
Built-in Applications
Graphical Display
GPIB Interface Parallel and Serial ports