Agilent/HP 6060A Electronic Load

Agilent/HP 6060A Electronic Load
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP
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Agilent/HP 6060A Electronic Load

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 The Agilent/HP 6060A 300 watt dc electronic loads are ideal for the test and evaluation of dc power sources and power components and are well suited for applications in areas such as research and development, production, and incoming inspection.


  • GPIB control and readback of current, voltage and resistance
  • Built-in pulse waveform generation with programmable amplitude, frequency, duty cycle and slew rate
  • Continuous and pulse modes
  • Full protection from over-current, over-voltage, overpower, over-temperature, and reverse polarity
  • Electronic calibration
  • Trigger for external synchronization
  • Analog voltage control in constant current mode
  • Parallel units in constant current mode
  • Remote voltage sense in constant voltage mode

Agilent 6060A dc electronic loads are ideal for the test and evaluation of ac-dc, and dc-dc power supplies, as well as battery chargers, batteries, and power components. The single input models are cost-effective for applications requiring only one load input. They are especially convenient for manual and automated testing in R&D. The GPIB interface is standard on the 6060A, and all functions can also be controlled from the front panel.

The 6060A Electronic Load is used for design, manufacturing, and evaluation of dc power supplies, batteries, and power components. The primary operating features of the Electronic Load are: constant current (CC) mode, constant voltage (CV) mode, or constant resistance (CR) mode. The input can also be turned on or off (open circuit) or short circuited. Other features include a built-in GPIB interface and a built-in pulse generator. Pulse mode allows dynamic testing of power supplies and components, without giving the device under test time to heat up. This flexible mode provides three triggering methods, allowing synchronization with a wide variety of events. A Save/Recall feature allows you to save up to 7 complete instrument setups, one of which can be saved in non-volatile memory so that it is recalled automatically at power-on. Also standard is GPIB readback of actual input voltage and current, and extensive protection and status reporting capability. The Electronic Load contains a fan whose speed automatically increases or decreases as the heatsink temperature rises and falls. This reduces the overall noise level because the fan does not run at maximum speed at all times. The input power rating curve for the Electronic Load is shown in Table 1-1. Refer to the extended power paragraphs in this section for a description of the power rating curves. Note that regardless of the power rating, input current is derated linearly from 2 volts down to 0 volts.