AEMC SL-261 AC/DC Current Probe

AEMC SL-261 AC/DC Current Probe
Manufacturer: AEMC
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AEMC SL-261 AC/DC Current Probe


AEMC SL-261 AC/DC Current Probe

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   The AEMC Model SL261 is a portable 100A peak current probe with insulated BNC output cable that can accurately measure AC or DC current waveforms. The unit has proportional mV output for direct readings on oscilloscopes. Three position slide switch on handle selects ranges and ON/OFF. These work with any device with a BNC input. They are a perfect match for the Sentinel Current Logger Model SDL A402 four-channel datalogger.  


  • Oscilloscope current probe for applications in industrial and power environments
  • Analyze, measure and accurately display distorted current waveforms and harmonics
  • Current range from 100mA to 100AAC/DC
  • Direct BNC connection to scope
  • Jaw designed for easy maneuvering in crowded spaces


  • Oscilloscope applications in industrial or power environments
  • Analysis and measurement of distorted current waveforms and harmonics
   The AEMC Model SL261 is designed for AC/DC current measurement capabilities using Hall effect technology. It measures from a few mA to over 100Amps. The "screw driver" shape, with its narrow elongated prod, was chosen to permit probing in crowded cable bundles, or measuring in tight areas such as on circuit boards, motor controllers and automotive circuitry. The electronics and batteries are self-contained in the handles. It is an excellent companion to DMM's, recorders and loggers, oscilloscopes and waveform displaying instruments. Low phase shift also insures reliable power and power quality measurements. The Model SL261 probe is designed for current measuring and displaying on Oscilloscopes. AC + DC output signals proportional to the total current are provided for True RMS measurements.