AEMC JM830A 3000A Probe

AEMC JM830A 3000A Probe
Manufacturer: AEMC
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AEMC JM830A 3000A Probe
AEMC JM830A AC Current Probe

   The AEMC JM830A is a high performance AC Current Probe with excellent transformation and low phase shift. The high quality magnetic core and uniform windings provide for accurate measurements up to 2400AAC. The "squared" jaw permits multiple conductor or bus bar positioning. Provide excellent TRMS capabilities and reliable signal reproduction.


  • Current range: 1 to 2400AAC (continuous cycle for the full temperature range)
  • Transformation ratio: 3000:1 Output: 0.333mA/A
  • Designed for use on DMMs, power and harmonic meters, recorders or instruments with AC current ranges