AEMC 4500 Digital Ground Resistance Tester

AEMC 4500 Digital Ground Resistance Tester
Manufacturer: AEMC
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AEMC 4500 Digital Ground Resistance Tester


AEMC 4500 Digital Ground Resistance Tester

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  The AEMC 4500 Digital Ground Resistance Tester is designed for measuring very low resistance on large grounding systems, such as ground grids and ground mats. It rejects high levels of interference voltages at DC or 60Hz and its harmonics, and can be used under difficult conditions such as high stray currents or excessive auxiliary electrode resistance without substantially affecting accuracy. The Model 4500 has three selectable test current ranges (2, 10, 50mA) and five selectable resistance testing ranges (2 ohm , 20 ohm , 200 ohm , 2000 ohm 20kohm). It is capable of direct readings with a resolution as low as 1 milliohm.

   With such a wide resistance capability, the Model 4500 is capable of measuring the resistivity of soil and other materials from below 10 milliohms-cm to over 1Megaohms-cm. Readings are displayed on a large (0.71"), 3 1/2 digit LCD. The LCD blinks and a pointer on the display lights to warn of excess stray current or auxiliary electrode resistance, or when there is a lack of continuity between leads and electrodes. A beeper will notify the user if voltage greater than 20 volts peak is present between terminals X (C1) and Y (P2) or X and Z (C2) when the ground leads are connected. The instrument is fuse protected up to 500A AC to protect the instrument against voltage into the test leads.

   Power is supplied by a rechargeable 12V battery; the tester may also be operated from an external 12V DC supply. A battery charge indicator and low battery indicator appear on the LCD and a dual-voltage charging unit is built into the instrument. The heavy-duty, safety yellow case is dust and water resistant to ensure reliable field use. The cover may be detached while the meter is in use, if desired. Optional test kits are available for ground resistance and soil resistivity tests.


  • Measures soil resistivity (4-Point)
  • Battery (rechargeable) powered or external 12Vdc
  • Measure ground resistance (2- and 3-Point) Fall-of-Potential Method
  • Rugged dustproof and rainproof field case
  • Step voltage tests and touch potential measurements
  • Can be used for continuity tests on bonding
  • Selectable: three test currents and five resistance ranges
  • Includes power cord, 12V NiCD, battery, hex key, spare fuse and user manual
  • Measures very low resistance on large grounding systems and grids
  • High test current also enables geological surveys
  • Large easy-to-read LCD
  • Display includes indicators for excess  stray current and voltage, high auxiliary rod resistance and fault connection