Advantest R3131 3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

Advantest R3131 3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Manufacturer: Advantest
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Advantest R3131 3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer


Advantest R3131 3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

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   The Advantest R3131 Spectrum Analyzer meets the frequency needs of both PCS and cellular wireless standards. The Advantest R3131 is the only 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer at its price that is synthesized. The synthesized architecture and specifications such as phase noise lower than -100 dBc/Hz @ 20kHz offset, ensure measurement accuracy and repeatability across the instrument's entire range. This level of accuracy, plus one-button automated measurements for adjacent channel power, occupied bandwidth, and average and total power, make the Advantest R3131 well-suited to wireless design and troubleshooting needs. Supplementing these quantitative measurements, the R3131 also provides automatic pass/fail limit testing, a valued feature for manufacturing applications.


  • Built-in High Accuracy OBW, ACP, and Power Measurement Functions Which Can Be Applied to Digital Radio Measurement
  • Improved Ease of Use Through Auto TUNE Function
  • Total Level Accuracy Guaranteed by Auto CAL Function
  • Standard Interfaces: GPIB, RS232, Centronics, and FD Drive
  • Large Character Display Allows Results to Be Seen
  • EMC Measurement Functions
  • Improved System Operation Speed
  • Operation Key Arrangement for Ease of Use
  • Compact and Light Weight (12 kg) with a Space-saving Design
  • Optional Tracking Generator for Scalar Transmission Measurement

   The R3131 includes a number of standard features that normally are available only as options. These include an IEEE 488 interface, RS-232 interface and parallel printer (Centronics) port. A 3.5 inch floppy disk is also provided at no extra charge, as is an EMC measurement. Measurement parameters and results can be recorded on a 3.5 inch floppy disk. Because the bitmap and text formats are compatible, the recorded data can easily be transferred to a PC.

   Its frequency range from 9 kHz to 3 GHz covers all main mobile radio standards and paging systems and makes R3131 the perfect match for a radio communication tester (photo) since it allows precise analysis of purely RF parameters. As a stand-alone and full-featured spectrum analyzer it easily fits into other applications.

   Operation of Advantest Spectrum Analyzer R3131 is extremely simple. Bandwidth, power or amplitude modulation depth, for instance, can be selected by a simple keystroke in the soft key menus. Further features include a built-in counter with 1 Hz resolution, eliminating the need for a separate frequency counter, a pass/fail comparator function for checking compliance with defined limit values, as well as an auto tune function for centering the strongest signal on the screen at a keystroke and displaying it with spread frequency band. Noise  measurements for determining oscillator signal purity or noise levels normalized to system bandwidth are further functions that can be activated with a single button.