Advantest Q8384 Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Advantest Q8384 Optical Spectrum Analyzer
Manufacturer: Advantest
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Advantest Q8384 Optical Spectrum Analyzer


Advantest Q8384 Optical Spectrum Analyzer

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  • Option 25 Calibration light source with EE-LED output

   The Advantest Q8384 is a high-end optical spectrum analyzer using a new monochromator developed by ADVANTEST and featuring a high dynamic range and a high wavelength resolution. It offers the world's highest level of performance with a 10pm wavelength resolution and a 20pm wavelength accuracy in the 1.55µm band. This enables precise measurement and evaluation of wavelength characteristics. The Q8384 optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) is optimized to test devices used in DWDM applications, or any application where broad spectral range measurements are required.


  • High-wavelength resolution of 10pm
  • High-wavelength precision of 20pm
  • Wide dynamic range 50dB (±0.1nm) and 60dB (±0.2nm)
  • Direct input of large signals: + 23dBm (200mW)
  • Measurement of NF noise indices of EDFAs
  • Thin film filters for triplexers 

   In DWDM optical communications, exacting wavelength measurements are required of the optical source. Evaluating these specifications requires an optical spectrum analyzer with enhanced resolution bandwidth and wavelength accuracy. To meet these stringent requirements, the Q8384 achieves 10 pm wavelength resolution, the best in the world and attains 20 pm wavelength accuracy in the 1550 nm band. This high performance makes it possible for the Q8384 to measure the oscillation wavelength characteristics of laser diodes accurately. DWDM optical communication systems also contain wavelength division multiplexed channels spaced at intervals as close as 50 GHz (0.4 nm). In this environment an optical spectrum analyzer with superior dynamic range is required to separate the optical signals and measure the noise figure (NF) of the optical amplifier. The Q8384 has a dynamic range as wide as 50 dB at 0.1 nm and 60 dB at 0.2 nm and therefore fulfills these requirements adequately. Equipped with automatic optical amplifier NF measurement and arithmetic facilities, the instrument allows the user to make measurements in a simple fashion. The Q8384 optionally has a built-in reference wavelength light source and an EE-LED (edge emitting LED). If calibrated with this reference light source, the instrument is assured to provide wavelength accuracy of 20 pm in the 1550 nm band. Using the EE-LED's broad-band light source, the Q8384 allows the user to conveniently measure and evaluate the transmission and loss characteristics of narrow-band optical filters.